Strutting with denims on denims !!!

Hi my loves 😍 I just feel I wrote my last  blog yesterday and so soon a week passed by and I realised, ohh man ! I’ve to do the next one that I promised in my last blog 😃 I hope many of you’ll would relate to my last outfit since it was so simple and elegant to carry !  So here’s the next one, this time more to do with denims but still one thing common here and that’s Kurta !!! Yes beauties, its a denim on denim look paired with a kurta!! Ok !! So why kurta ?? Cos I want my series to have a touch of indian essence hence the kurta with denims!

Denims are a part of everyone’s closet and so is kurta!! So all you need to do is style them together to create an absolutely stunning look ! In this blog I’ll be wearing my denim jeans along with a kurta and styling it with a jacket of denim again 😎

Sounds a bit weird to pair your denims with kurta?? Then I must be correcting you’ll ladies, it’s a complete slayer look ! Well if you think it’s too much to believe on my words, then here’s the first picture from the blog that would do justice to my words😉

Denim on denim look image 1


I chose a cut out denim jeans from my closet to create this one!! You can select any sort of torn jeans for a more trendy chic look 😄 One such jeans you can find here.

Denim on denim look image 2

Denim on denim look image 3

Coming to the kurta I chose a straight A line kurta with a slit in the centre. This would perfectly compliment your jeans. You can shop a similar one here.

Denim on denim look image 4

I picked up a short denim jacket which is a shade darker then my jeans to create a contrast in the look !! Here’s a similar one that you can shop from flipkart! I’ve put these 3 together to recreate a sexy western look which is still having an Indian feel to it!

Denim on denim look image 5

Accessorized the whole look with loads of silver bangles and a nose ring to add a bit of desi swag to it 😉

Coming to my shoes, I recently added this black beauty from jealous 21 to my shoe closet 😍

Denim on denim look image 6

Denim on denim look image 7 They are amazingly sexy with glass heels and are so so so comfortable !! Off lately I’m crushing on this one and flaunt them on almost every occasion I get❤
Coming to my sunnies, I’m wearing these cat eyes which I got from!

Denim on denim look image 8

Denim on denim look image 9

Denim on denim look image 10FLAUNTING THIS LOOK

Well with everything being said about this look, I’m sure you would definitely want to try this denim on denim look because you don’t need a special occasion for it !! You can wear this look on a normal shopping day, or as a brunch look.  In fact you can even flaunt this as your airport look b’cause denims are in everywhere!

Denim on denim look image 11

Denim on denim look image 12

So that’s all from my blog ladies !! If you too are a denim fan, don’t forget to tell me which is your favourite denim on denim look. You can drop your views in the comments section below. 😊

May be the next time around I’ll try out something exciting from your denim look suggestions. 😉
See ya soon ladies with the next look from this series! For those of you’ll who haven’t read my last blog from this series of indian #OOTDINSPIRATIONS here‘s the link 👇


Hope you’ll enjoyed reading both these blogs!! Signing off now with the promise to meet you very soon again on next weekend. 😊

So untill then sayonara! Stay happy, stay beautiful 😘
Love and lite ❤

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