10 tips to look smart and beautiful!!

Hola my angels ❤ Well well well, firstly sincere apologies for being MIA for such a long time. I know it’s been quite a long break and trust me guys I thoroughly missed my blogs as much as you guys did!
So finally here I’m today with a brand new blog for you’ll my loves ! This was one of the most long awaited blog for which I had done the shoot very much in advance but unfortunately dint manage to post the blog. So here’s a blog on my 10 tips on how to look smart and beautiful no matter if it’s office or you are partying with your friends.

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 1Who doesn’t know the importance of looking smart ? Lemme just ask you’ll a simple question. How do you feel when you dress up and look at yourself in the mirror? Good right ? You feel more confident ! When you look smart you know your confidence level shoots up ! You feel happy from within.

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 2You feel positive about yourself. That’s the magic of dressing smart. And trust me guys it’s not a big deal to look smart and beautiful all the time. You don’t necessarily need to put a whole lot of makeup always to look good. Some basics things you follow and you are sorted. So let’s just quickly run through those 10 tips that will make you look at your best always!

How to look smart and beautiful!

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 3

1. Well groomed hair to look smart!

Your hairstyle can either make or break your whole look. Not matter how good outfit you wear, but if your hair are greasy and not neat, you would never make an impact with your presence. Wash your hair frequently to avoid looking shabby. If you have dry freezy hair try to fix them in a stylish high ponytail or even messy bun or a braid for that matter.

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2. Moderate makeup!

It’s a universally accepted fact that makeup boosts your confidence level by making you look good. But that doesn’t mean you would cake your face with foundation, eye shadow, over the top lipstick shade, fake lashes and everything else in your makeup vanity. Makeup is moderation is something that works perfect for all. Opt for a no makeup makeup look unless you have a party or a function to attend. Keep it very light when going to office. Even a simple BB cream with some mascara, eyeliner and a nude lipstick is good enough to make up look beautiful and smart.

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 5

3. Mix & match accessories !

Not always you may look at your best. At such times try to divert all the attention to your accessories. Can be anything, statement jewellery, fancy shades, chic handbags, scarfs, hair bands etc. Use them smartly to cover up on days when probably you have a bad hair day or even sudden skin breakouts. Accessories not just may you look smart but also adds a lot of style statement to your look.

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 6

4. Good shoes take you a long way !

We often hear people saying clothes make a man but often we tend to forget that shoes too are equally important when it comes to looking smart. Your shoes speak a lot about your style. Choose them wisely. Moreover buy good quality branded shoes. Doesn’t matter if you have less pairs. But make sure you have the best ones. Be classy when choosing them and moreover use them with the right type of outfit you choose to wear.

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 7

5. Wear ironed clothes !

Do I even need to stress on this point ? Everybody I’m sure knows how important it is to wear clothes that look neat and ironed. Neat clothes are very basic necessity to look smart. No matter how expensive couture you wear, but if its not neat and ironed you will never leave an impression on anyone!

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 8

6. Choose things that would suit your face!

Just cause your favourite celeb is flaunting nerdy glasses doesn’t mean they would suit your face too. Do not copy anyone’s style ! Try to figure out what works best with your face type. Probably you may look good in something that actually doesn’t go well with others. Similarly choose your hairstyles wisely. If you have broad round face go for long layered hairs. They would make your face look slender. Likewise choose your earrings too based on your face structure. Long earrings make broad faces look longer and oval.

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7. Dress smart to look smart !

Sounds really simple right? But not really it’s that simple as it seems. Smart dressing is actually quite tricky and needs a bit of research and knowledge! You can look smart even with minimal efforts and accessories. Know how to dress for an occasion. On a simple Sunday brunch you can just pickup your favourite white shirt and denims and pair them with nude pumps and sexy eyewear and you are good to go!

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 10

8. Color coordinate your outfits!

Unless you know to play with colors it’s always better to stick to safe dressing. But if you are good at putting colors together then you can definitely look smart and beautiful all the time. Preferably stick to the thumb rule! For darker color bottoms opt for a lighter color blouse or top and vice versa! Denims usually go well with all colors hence its a safe bet ! Likewise make sure to match your shoes with your outfit!

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 11

9. Stay updated about trends !

This doesn’t mean I’m asking you to copy someone’s style ! But it’s always good to remain informed about what’s trending out there ! Take inspirations from them and create your own look ! Make sure your dressing sense is evolving with time ! Shop trendy smart stuff! Try new styles that you think you can pull it off effortlessly cause normal is always boring! Take inspo from Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so on..

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 12

10. Dress according to your body type !

Last but definitely not the least, dress according to your body structure! There are clothes that are designed to flatter every body type only thing is we don’t know how to choose them! If you are short vertical stripes with heels are your safest bet! If you are slightly heavier on upper body outfit with deeper neckline would work best for you ❣ There’s a whole blog out there on my website on how to hide your body flaws and look sexy in pictures ! Give it a read here !

Smart look prachi maulingker Naik 13So with this I sum up the blog ! Hope you’ll loved reading this one 😁 For more pictures on this look and also for some amazing fashion posts from me, check out my Instagram handle prachi_maulingker here! Would be happy to have you as a part of my 50k fam there 😙 So ladies time to sign off ! Pls don’t forget to drop your views on this blog in the comments section below and I would love to give them a read ❤ see ya soon with a new blog! Untill than Sayonara! Stay blessed stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘

Love and lite 💫
Prachi 💞

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