10 tips on storing and maintaining your silk sarees!

Hola my angels! Hope you’ll are doing awesome as always ❤ Back on my blog after a really long time, well coming back after such a long break needs a lot of focusing since you are away from writing for a long time. Hence I thought I’ll pick up something that’s easy for me and something that’s also useful for all the saree lovers who read my blogs 😊 We all know that a woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a few silk sarees. We also know that silk sarees are quite an investment and so let’s familiarize ourselves with a few tips in handling silk sarees with care. These tips can be practiced on other silk garments too. These tips will increase the longevity of your saree life thereby keeping them as good as new! So let’s just dive into the blog right away !

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Tip no.1 – Saree covers / pouches!

Silk being costlier as compared to other type of fabrics, needs extra care than the rest. Never store your silk saree with other sarees as there are chances of colour bleeding and spoiling it. The best and easy way to store them is to buy the saree covers or pouches that you can easily find in the market or online too.

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Tip no.2 – Avoid Napthalene balls!

Never use Naphthalene balls when storing your silk sarees as they might tend to darken the zari or even sometimes spoil the fabric. It did happen with me in the past and take it from an experienced person. Instead you can go for dried neem leaves for storing your sarees. They do the same job as napthalene balls.

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Tip no. 3 – Wrong side folding!

When storing your saree always fold the silk saree inwards or the wrong side as it would keep the shine of the zari and saree intact.

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Tip no. 4 – Say no to steel hangers!

Yet Another mistake I did in the past and don’t want you’ll to repeat it! Never keep your silk saree on a metal hanger, they tend to rust after some time and leaves a stain on your expensive silk saree! Man!!! It hurts terribly to see that later 😓

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Tip no. 5 – Always Dry clean !

Avoid washing silk sarees at home, unless you are a pro at it! I’m not one for sure and always prefer giving it for dry clean to a laundry!

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Tip no. 6 – Occasional exposure  to sunlight!

If You’ve got a silk saree that you bought a couple of months back and forgotten about it then it’s time you take it out, show some sun light to the saree and then let it go back to where it belongs. Doing this would keep the shine and colour of the saree intact. You can also do this procedure for your sarees that you haven’t worn since long.

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Tip no. 7 – Alternate the saree folds!

Keep changing the folds of the silk saree periodically as they are very delicate and tend to get spoilt at these folds or the colour fades off at these places.

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Tip no. 8 – Ironing tips for silk sarees!

If you are ironing a silk saree at home then put a cotton cloth above the silk saree and then press the saree. This would prevent the heat from directly hitting the delicate fabric.

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Tip no. 9 – Store in cool dry place!

Store Your silk sarees away from direct sunlight as this would prevent the colour from fading off. Store them in a cool dark place.

Tip no. 10 – Lining for embroidery details!

Last but not the least, if your silk saree has an intricate embroidered details on it, then get a lining attached to it from inner side. This will prevent the thread work from getting pulled or tangled when storing or even whilst wearing!

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So these were my quick 10 tips on how to care for your silk saree. I’ve been following them from years now and my sarees definitely thank me for this  Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything more we can do to care for our silk sarees, I would be more then happy to know them 😊

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Also wearing this gorgeous saree from my very own brand, House of Sachi! Do check out our collection here !
See ya soon with yet another new blog, untill then Sayonara, stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first ❤
Love & Lite 💫
Prachi 🌸

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  1. Via Singh

    You are looking so stunning and beautiful in this saree. This pink shade is so bright and vibrant. You shared some great tips. I so take care of my sarees, but now that I live out of India it is difficult. I only bring a few when I visit. 🙂 But I do take care of them all. 🙂 Great post and beautiful pictures.

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

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