5 killer ideas to look attractive everytime!

Hola my angels ❣ How are you’ll doing? Well here I’m today with a really awesome blog for all the lovely ladies out there. From the title of my blog I’m sure you’ve got a fair idea about what this blog is all about! I’ll be sharing some really amazing tips for that killer look that would definitely swipe your man off his feets! So without wasting further time let’s just head to the blog 😊

1. Attractive Hairstyle

The first on my list is your hairstyle. Be it a casual day out, or a formal event, make sure your hair are having a great day! The very first thing that would catch anyone’s attention is your hair. Neat, in place hair would make your first impression definitely worth remembering! If you are having a bad hair day and no time to wash them, then simply toss them in a high bun and you are good to go. Likewise if you have short hair, then probably you can consider adding a cute hair band or even a scarf for that girl next door look! But if it’s a party or a social gathering you wish to attend, then it’s always a better idea to take some professional help for that perfect evening look! I personally consider this to be  very important criteria when it comes to looking attractive!


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2. Shoes!

Almost in every blog of mine, I’ve been insisting on wearing good branded shoes! Men often find a women wearing classy shoes quite attractive ! You need not always wear high heels to look attractive. Even a pair of chic flats can capture anyone’s attention if paired with a right outfit. So yeah! Never neglect your footware as you never know who might be noticing them 😉

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3. Smile often!

Well if you’re wondering what smiling has to do with looking attractive, then let me tell you that it’s the best way to capture someone’s attention. Your smile can be bewitching even when given to a stranger passing  by and eventually grasping his attention. So smile often it doesn’t cost you anything ladies 😊

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4. Makeup for a dressy look!

Now when you have things like makeup at your service to make you look good, then why not use it! A little makeup never hurts you see. Opt for a no makeup makeup look for a casual outing or a more heavier look when going for events and parties. Just remember the lips-or-eyes rule: pick one or the other to highlight. Doing both will look too garish and over-done.

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P.S Also make sure you don’t over do it as this can totally turn off people and you may end up looking unappealing to the world.

5. Body language!

To look attractive you always need to practice good posture.  way you carry yourself tells other people a lot about how you feel, so make sure you’re communicating confidence. Always walk with your head high. Don’t look down at the ground. Keep your shoulders back and relaxed. Stand with feet hips-width apart. Balance your weight evenly on both feet. When sitting never slouch or keep moving your legs! It shows nervousness and lack of confidence which is completely unattractive to the person sitting opposite you!

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So in short to look attractive the key is confidence! Look confident, talk confident, walk confident and the masses would automatically be attracted to you!

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With this we’ve come almost towards the end of this blog! I hope you guys loved reading this one If you did please don’t forget to leave your comments below and I would love reading them 😚 Also I would be really happy if you too become a part of my extended family on Instagram by following me at Prachi_maulingker! 

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Before I take your leave, leaving you’ll with the link to my last blog on “Buying shoes gets easier with these tips and tricks ” here! I’m sure you’ll love reading this one too ❣

See ya soon with yet another blog, till then sayonara, stay blessed; stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first

Love and lite 💫



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