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5 things you should never do while wearing a saree!

Hola my angels Hope you’ll are doing fab as always! Now those who’ve been my regular readers might have noticed that I’ve always blogged about things or stuff you should DO to slay in sarees! Never have I ever got the thought about the things you shouldn’t be doing whilst wearing them!

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Just a couple of days back this random thing just happened to me while draping a saree. That’s when I realized that I should address this topic someday in my blog! So after reading all the DO’s in my previous saree blogs, it’s time for some DON’TS that you need to follow to make sure your same game’s on point! Let’s begin with point number 1.

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1. Don’t tie it too high or two low –

When you drape your saree make sure you know the point where exactly you are supposed to tuck it around your waist. Too high would make you look really funny and too low would make it look a little EXTRA, only if you understand what I mean by Extra here! Again the chances of saree getting entangled in your heels is yet another issue you need to deal with when you drape it too low. So figure out the best level that works with your height while draping it!

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2. Don’t wear your heels after draping it –

Like I just mentioned in point number one, your saree height should be long enough to hide your feet and and short enough to show your toes! Now this is the golden rule I follow while draping sarees. Too short would make the whole saree look kinda disastrous while too long would make it really hard to move around. It’s very crucial to strike the balance between the two for that perfect looking drape!

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3. Don’t wear a mismatched petticoat/ saree silhouette-

This definitely needs no further explanation. Can’t stress on how important it is to wear the right saree silhouette for a flawless looking drape. Especially if your saree fabric is see through or semi transparent then you ought to find the closest match of the petticoat. Also if you are wearing net, lace or brasso sarees, please do not wear cotton petticoats inside as they ruin the beauty of the saree. In such cases opt for either satin or lycra materials as they really add glam to it.

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4. Don’t over pin the saree –

Totally agree that pinning your saree is really really important to make sure there’s no mishap occurring with you but over doing it isn’t totally cool. Pin it only at the required places like the pallu and pleats. Do not unnecessarily pin it at 10 more places just for the fear of slipping. Your saree should look very flowy and unconfined and not stiff and constricting.

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5. Pallu length –

Pallu length can either make or break the whole look of your saree! Too short makes your saree look very asymmetrical. On the other hand if you go in with long pallu, you would fall short of fabric for the center pleats. So figure out the length of the pallu depending on your height ( Keeping into consideration your heels as well) I prefer pleating my pallu first and then adjusting my center pleats. You can choose any way that suits you 🙂

Saree Prachi Maulingker Naik 6So guys these were my top 5 DON’TS that I personally follow when draping a saree. I might have missed on many though.. Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything that you particularly do not do while wearing a saree. I would love trying it out.

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See ya soon again with yet another blog. Untill then sayonara, stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first.
Love & lite ✨
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