5 tips to rock an Indian outfit!

Hola beautiful people😍 Hope you’ll are doing fab as always! Well it’s time for yet another fashion blog, and with so many festivals being round the corner, this is the perfect time to reveal those 5 kickass tips that would help you rock any Indian outfit you choose to wear, this festive season. Indian outfits have always been my favourite right from childhood.

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I remember very well how I used to love draping my mom’s sarees even before she could wear them! They’ve always been close to my heart and I never miss a chance to flaunt an Indian outfit. Sharing some of my personal tips which I follow when wearing them and I hope this helps you as well  😊

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1. Accessorize correctly-

Indian outfits can be quite tricky to style especially if this isn’t your forte! Not necessary that every Indian outfit needs to be coupled with heavy accessories/ jewellery! You can follow a simple rule while doing this. If you are wearing a busier/ fancy outfit, the whole idea is to keep the accessories simple. You can just add some statement earrings may be or even statement rings for that matter, look really classy and rich. Alternatively if you are wearing a simpler outfit, then throw in some chunky jewellery to go with it. Even Kundan jewellery compliments Indian outfits really well. Hence your accessories can either make or break the whole look. So be wise when choosing them!

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2. Makeup –

Just the way your accessories are important while deciding your Indian outfit, makeup plays an equally crucial role here. I personally love to keep it glam when wearing Indian outfits! It demands a bit of attention, that’s what I believe! You can either opt for glittery eyes or go in for bold lips BUT never both together! Also I never miss on adding highlighter when getting ready in Indian outfit! Whatever you do, make sure you do it rightly, to avoid your face from looking cakey/ patchy or overdone!

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3. Right shoes –

Well well well, I’m sure you have come across this tip in almost every single blog of mine! And that shows how important it is to choose the right shoes with your outfit, no matter if it’s Indian or western! I usually love to pair my Indian outfits with heels, either wedges or stilettos depending on the occasion! Very rarely I go for flats. The prime reason behind this is we all know that our Indian outfits, be it saree, lehenga or even anarkali, they are usually floor length and adding heels not just makes you look taller, but also leaner and your posture automatically improves and adds greatly to the overall look! But again this is my personal choice, it’s totally optional but you can definitely give it a shot!

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4. Clutch/ purse to match with your Indian outfit-

This serves two purposes! Your clutch acts as an additional accessory to your outfit thereby enhancing the beauty of your outfit. Secondly you can carry all your basic stuff like makeup touch ups, wipes and so on which is always needed when attending functions like weddings! Party clutches with details like embroidery, studs, pearls etc make a great combo with your Indian outfit. Moreover you can use it as a prop for behind the stage photoshoots that happen at such events/ functions :p

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5. Hairstyle/ hairdo-

Probably this should have been clubbed with point no. 2 but I decided to keep it separate because I wanted to stress on how important it is to have the right hairstyle for rocking your desi look! If you are wearing a lehenga, or anarkali then option of curls or straight hair would be an ideal choice, unless you want to go in for a mess bun which isn’t bad either!

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Now when it comes to a saree you have an option of playing with multiple hairstyles. If you are wearing a traditional silk saree then going in with a bun with gajara would look really elegant!
Vice versa if you are wearing a party wear saree like orgenza, lace or any such light material then I would recommend to leave your hair down! Nothing can beat the combo of a sexy body hugging saree and left hair! Believe me it would leave many hearts pounding at the event 😛

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So that’s it guys! These were my 5 tips which I follow when wearing an Indian outfit. I’m sure most of you’ll might be following them, please do let me know if there’s anything you would love to add to this list . I would love reading it in the comments section below!

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With this we’ve come towards the end of this blog. I hope you’ll loved reading it! Before I take your leave, let me remind you’ll of my last blog on how to care for your silk sarees which you guys can read here.

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Also a big thank you and shoutout to Anand Ghone photography for these lovely clicks. Totally loving them ☺ You can check out his work here!

See ya soon with a new blog very soon, untill then sayonara,stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘

Love & Lite 💫
Prachi 💙

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