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Prachi Maulingker Naik

Well this is one of the most difficult job in the whole world to do !! Writing about your own self! They say you are best described by the people who know you in and out ! Hence I shouldered this responsibility on some of the most crucial people in my life who are my backbones! I’m sure they are the best ones to do justice to this section of my blog!

Prachi Maulingker a.k.a ‘Prachu’, have known this soul for last 14+ years and I would say it was one of the best things happened to me in life. Prachi is a very dynamic individual with a confident attitude and loads of positive energy. Her biggest strength is her strong will power to achieve the goals she has set for herself in life, I have seen her embrace failures and rise up like a ‘Phoenix’! Coming to her work she is an excellent entrepreneur with a eye for detail. Her expertise lies in the world of Photography, Fashion and Blogging. Multitasker as she is she would always cater to the demands of her customers and ensure that the work is delivered with high value and containment to her clients. She is a go to person for all your queries related to the fashion, beauty and makeup and get them answered always with a smile on her face making you comfortable at the very first meet. I wish her all the success in life for her future endeavors !!
Suprita Naik,
Team lead , Syntel Pvt ltd
Prachi Maulingker Naik!! What should I say about her ?? Married for 2 years and now she’s the soul of my life! A perfect life partner but more than that my best friend and best companion! In this two years I had the chance to explore different facets that her personality has! A perfect homemaker, an entrepreneur, a well known fashion blogger etc. Even having masters in Biotechnology and working for a reputed pharma company for 6 yrs, she decided to quit her job and venture into an all together diffferent arena where challenges were more than success! Yet with her strong determination and hardwork she has carved her name and pulled off success that everyone dreams off! For me she is my role model, a person to whom I look upto and draw inspiration to achieve the goals of my life.
Love and regards,
Mithilesh Naik pai
Manager, JCB, India

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