All under 299/- look 

Hello peeps!! Hope you guys doing great !! Been quite sometime , stayed away from blogging due to some reasons. But yeah feels really great to be back here writing something really exciting especially for all the ladies out there who always complain like me of having nothing new to wear in our closets  😅
Almost all ladies being suffered from this “got nothing to wear ” syndrome , what comes to our rescue is the street shopping magic!! You might be living in any cosmopolitan city be it Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangaluru street shopping is something that exists everywhere and I personally thoroughly enjoy doing it atleast one in two months.

Not jus it helps to save some bucks but also u can try many new styles without digging a hole in your pockets !!! Below is one such look that I created for one of our road trips using everything that’s below 299 bucks !!

And trust me guys it can work wonders if u style them in the right manner! Checkout out how I did it in this posts !!

In this look I have been wearing a tank top from jockey which hardly cost me 199 bucks , the shirt that I’m wearing here was been picked up from MG road street shopping in Pune. And u won’t believe I just paid 299 /- for this super cool shirt! What better I could ask for in this price 😁 since it was a road trip where we were expected to do a lot of crazy things I dint wanted my expensive white sneakers to get dirtied! But all thanks to this street shop in MG road I could manage to get a pair of really cute white sneakers which cost me like jus 199/-

The best part was they were just not cheap but also very comfy and I have still been using them so far without any issues !!

The accessories that u see me wearing was also some junk I picked up from Mumbai link road shopping ! The neck piece was just 60/- and the kada I wore was bought for around 150/-

So ladies the next time u feel u got nothing new to wear all you need to do is pick up some cash and head right for some fun street shopping and P.S don’t forget to take your best friend along its even more fun atleast I thoroughly loved taking my bestie along 😇

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