An ultimate guide to styling traditional sarees!

Hola my angels❤️ I’m writing here after such a long time. It feels so good to be back in this space after such a long break, and I’m really excited to pen down this one! As you all know, my love for sarees has never faded nor has taken a back seat, hence this blog is all about the six yards of elegance that’s a part of every Indian wardrobe 😊 In this blog, I’m going to talk about some tips on styling traditional sarees, so without further delay, let’s get started. 

A traditional saree never goes out of fashion and happens to be the first preference when it comes to attending traditional Indian weddings or even for that matter, Indian festivals. I personally find it easy to style a traditional saree as compared to a fancy designer saree. Here are some of the tips that I personally follow when I style my traditional silk sarees.

Prachimaulingkernaik_traditional sarees 2

Jewelry for traditional sarees-

 You don’t have to look around too much when it comes to choosing jewelry for traditional sarees. Jewelry like Kundan sets, pearl sets, go really well with these sarees. Even conventional gold jewelry like rani haar or kadas look perfect when paired with such sarees. I mostly choose my jewelry depending upon the saree border and the saree color. 

Prachimaulingkernaik_traditional sarees 1

Hairstyle with traditional sarees-

My go-to hairstyle with traditional sarees is what you see in these pictures. If you are someone who follows my social media posts, it wouldn’t take you much time to identify how much I love flaunting the bun look. It does not just look elegant but also compliments such sarees so well. If you think middle parting is something not meant for you, you can still try puff or a side parting with the bun hairstyle.

Prachimaulingkernaik_traditional sarees 3

Gajara or flowers with traditional sarees-

This is totally optional, but trust me, this is a killer combination. White flowers with these sarees give such a royal feel to the whole look. You need not necessarily go in for a fresh flower gajara, but there are so many artificial gajaras too which look as good as fresh flowers. This can be a perfect hair accessory if you want to ditch using any other accessory for your hair. 

Makeup tips for traditional sarees-

Here again, you get to experiment so much with the look. Talking about lipsticks, both dark, as well as neutral or nude shades, look good with such sarees. Depending on the saree color you can wisely pick up the right shade for yourself. Do not shy away from highlighting your eyes- a lot of kajal, winged eyeliner, eyeshadow, almost all these things are totally in when you wear a traditional saree. Unlike fancy sarees, where less is more, with traditional sarees you get to try out many things when it comes to makeup. 

Prachimaulingkernaik_traditional sarees 4

With that, I guess I’ve covered all the major pointers, let me know if there’s anything you would like to add to these points. Your suggestions are most welcome in the comment section below😊 Also for more such fashion updates do check out my Instagram at Prachi_maulingker.

Before I take your leave, I would like to remind you all about my last blog on how to rock a sleek middle parting bun hairstyle! You can check out the blog here

I would see you all very soon with a brand new blog, until then sayonara, stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘

Love & lite ✨

Prachi ❣️

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