Be a Slay Queen everyday

Hey my pretty ladies !!! Hope you’ll are doing fab as always 😙 I know with new year just around the corner most of you’ll must be busy gearing up for the upcoming party season 😎

Off course that begins with shopping for outfits!! Well I have already started mine which makes me do this blog for you my lovely ladies!!

Let me just brief you of how actually I thought of framing this one for u 😉

With almost festive sale offers going up every where you go, I just happened to come across this brand called stalk by love or in short SBL as the name goes I always stalk them and later buy them too 😃 and yes I get to see loads of love 🤗 as well on my outfits on my social media handles and a big hug to you’ll lovelies ❤❤❤

As I was scrolling I just came across a denim midi dress, the kind I always wanted to buy since a long but nothing had excited me so much the way this one did 😊

Also there was a flat 60% off on this particular one and so I was just getting it for 500 bucks which was a great deal but unfortunately it was available only in XL size that was too huge for me though ☹

I dint wanted this one to go so without giving it a second thought I bought it ❤

If i wanted I could have easily altered it and got it fixed to the size I wanted but I preferred to style it with something interesting that was lying in my closet and that’s how this whole look came out 😍😍

Styling a over sized dress with a corset belt is one if the best way of fixing the fitting problem also at the same time it makes u look so stylish and edgy 💃

If you don’t have one you can easily find them on many Online shopping sites ! The best part is they can be used on anything right from a long gown, loose tees to a short dress the kind I wore in this blog !

Well I guess I won’t say anything much.. Let the pics do all the talking 😉

So I hope you’ll loved the whole idea of styling a loose dress with the corset belt in this blog 😁

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See ya soon with something new very soon ! Until then stay blessed stay beautiful and wishing you’ll merry Christmas 🎄🎉 and also a very happy New year 2k18 in advance 🎉🎉🎉😗

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