Bindi is the new swag!!

Bindi is the new swag!

It rises on her forehead like a sweltering orb..

Fiery and full of eternal rage..

How dare you belittle its might to just a dot on forehead..

When it has the power to burn you whole.. Hands off you thieves..

This is ours.. Reclaim the bindi – by Teresa kavumpuram


Well I couldn’t start my blog in a better way than this !! A beautiful quote that explains the significance of the bindi on a woman’s forehead!

Some may call it tika, some say bindiya, while others call it tikli! No matter by what name u call it, bindi would always remain an indispensable part of indian shringar!

There wouldn’t be any lady who must have never flaunted a bindi, at least once in her lifetime!

So ladies this blog is dedicated to all my bindi lover readers who love bindi swag and would love to rock these bindi looks in future!

I’ve got 4 looks created for you’ll in this blog, right from that subtle graceful look to the bold boho look!! Here’s the first one coming up for you’ll!

  1. Marathi look

I can bet a million, there wouldn’t be a single Maharashtrian lady who has never heard or rather worn a chandrakor bindi!


Considered to be a major part of Marathmoli look, chandrakor bindi has set its mark from the time of raja, maharaja till current date in Maharashtra. You would get them in different styles, colors, sizes etc..

Based on my forehead size I selected this one and styled the whole look with a bit of maharashtrian jewellery for that perfect marathi mulgi look 😉

Its a must have in your bindi collection!

  1. Bong look

Ahhh… That’s my favourite one from this blog 😍 Bengali ladies always love their bindis to be big!! And why not?? They have been blessed with features that are perfect for flaunting big size bindis 😉

If you are someone with a broad forehead, then I must say, you should try a big bindi next time! You would again get them in different sizes and designs, but I personally love them to be plain because I love to accentuate my eye make When ever I go for this type of look!

I’ve just styled this look with a nose pin which is actually from marwari jewellery collection 😃

Doesn’t matter though, as long as the whole look rocks 😉 So this is yet another must have ladies in your bindi collection.

  1. Bohemian look

Those who know about boho or gothic look, must be knowing that some even call it a vampish look though it’s not at all true! Bindi can be a perfect element for trying out a boho look with long flared dresses and metallic jewellery! Boho look is inspired  by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s.

This is my version of a typical indian boho or gothic look 😉 I used a liquid liner for creating this bindi along with the extra ones across my chin and corner of my eyes! I chose to wear this neckpiece that I picked up as a junk from street shopping on MG road!  😃

You can be very much creative with this kinda bindi look depending upon the level to which you think you can carry this look. Don’t forget to go for dark lips when trying out this look!

  1. Simple regular look

This one’s perfect for everyone and can be flaunted even on a regular basis! Works well with kurtas, sarees, salwars or any other Indian outfit! If you wish to go a step further and look edgy and stand out in the crowd then try wearing this small neon bindi over a pair of jeans and tees or even a one piece! Its trending nowadays ladies!! 😍


Neon bindis are a in this season and being loved by all age groups! They lift up even a very simply outfit and give you a very nice elegant look!


Be it a girl next door look or a hot chic look don’t forget to try adding a bindi and see the difference!

Yet another must have in your bag!! 😁


That’s pretty much from this blog!! Have also filmed a short video of how these 4 bindi looks, look in real!! Do watch it!  ❤

I hope you’ll loved reading this one 😍 Coming up with more such exciting stuffs soon in my next blog😍 Untill then sayonara my loves ❤

Stay blessed stay beautiful!!

Love and lite


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