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Hola my angels !! Hope you’ll are doing fab and awesome as always 😍 This is the first time I’m doing something like this! This one’s kinda personal blog where I’ll be writing about my self as a person and my blogging journey! So what I did was I asked my instagram fam to shoot their questions on what they would love to know about me and I would select the best 10 from there and put them up here on this blog ! So here are those 10 questions about me, Prachi Maulingker Naik that have been chosen to be answered with much love !❤

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1. How did you started with Blogging. Did someone introduced you or you came across any article? Asked by Govind Saraf!

Blogging happened by chance! It wasn’t something I planned or decided to get into. I was into biopharma industry for almost more than half a decade hence always stayed away from glamour, beauty and stuff. Though I was a fashion enthusiast from my college days ! Just two years back I decided to move out of that field and do actually what I love! It was a sudden decision.

I decided to quit that field, started researching more on how to go about with blogging. Started with my website ! Started building connections with brands, with fellow bloggers, getting collaborations and here I stand today, happy and contended with what I do and what I achieved today 

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2. How I met my hubby ? Asked by Anish Deshmukh.

Well, I was a “No arrange marriage” person! Never believed in arrange marriages for no particular reason as such but yes I considered them boring ! Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky when it came to love!! One day I happened to come across my hubby, Mithilesh Naik’s profile on although I wasn’t sure of taking it ahead.

In our first meet we decided its a NO as we realised we aren’t really compatible. We just stayed good friends until a year may be when things started changing. We eventually started dating and after making it official in September 2015 we finally tied a knot in November 2015 and happily married since than !

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3. You are an biotechnology graduate, than what made you choose blogging ? Asked by Dipali Sadekar.

It’s true that’s I’m a masters in biotechnology but blogging has got nothing to do with your qualification. 😊 Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts, your opinions with the world regardless of what degree you have. Being into biopharma for a long time I couldn’t really do what I wanted to actually do from a long time because that field demands a lot of your time and energy off course. So that’s when I decided to side line it and do something which I always wanted to do. Life is short you see! Rather than living it with regrets and wish lists l believe live it on your own terms and do things that make you happy ❤

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4. How do you carry yourself so elegantly in sarees and look vivacious and hot at the same time? Asked by Vaibhav Rege.

Sarees are something which are very close to my heart! My affair with them started from a very early age when draping my mom’s saree and staring my self in the mirror was my favourite pastime activity! I feel so comfortable wearing them that I don’t need to put in any extra efforts to look elegant or sexy in them! It just comes naturally ❤

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5. I want to know how you started your career as a blogger because it’s a difficult task. I would love to listen your start up barriers and your struggle story! Asked by Rishika Kaushal.

I started blogging a year back! At that point I wasn’t even knowing the real meaning of blogging ! At that point I used to think blogging is only about getting collaborations from brand and promoting them ! This was my biggest misconception about blogging! But eventually with time I realised blogging is much more than that! It’s about having your own style, having your own say, having your individuality, putting forth your thoughts to the world! So I came up with my own website where I could express myself ! Started creating and posting content! Studied what my audience likes to see more and created content accordingly! Eventually I started growing! I became choosy about the brands I would work with! Started working only with those that I would connect or relate to!

I never considered any problems as barrier, rather took it as an opportunity to prove my self and that’s how I reached to where I’m today, though I have a long way to go

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6. What’s the relationship you shared with your brother growing up and what is it like now? What has changed after he’s won Mr India Supranational? Asked by Flexcia Dsouza.

To be honest we were never the types who would express our love and concerns, spend time sharing things with each other like how most siblings do ! Infact we would always fight on silly things like over a tv remote or even something really foolish like our our fish share in our plates!  Being his elder sister I’ve seen bushu grow, I’ve seen him struggle , I’ve seen him rise like a Phoenix from his failures and I’m proud that I’m his elder sister! Off course many things changed after he won the title. I’m now a sister to a celebrity brother .😉

Everytime we get to read about him in media or  newspapers I feel even more proud! It definitely feels great at the same time happy that he reached such great heights ! He’s hard work paid off and I’m sure he will win the title Mr. Supranational for India and make us proud again !

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7. Who’s your favourite celebrity and why he or she is your favourite ? Asked by Anirudha.

I’ve mentioned this before too that I’ve been always looked up to Shilpa shetty Kundra! Her style and dressing sense is marvellous, especially when it comes to the way she carries sarees. No one can do it with so much grace that she does.

Another favourite of mine is Kareena Kapoor Khan, she’s a complete diva material. Infact she’s the one who introduced the concept of flauting your pregnancy in India. Where people usually hide their bumps, she was the one who broke all the stereotypes and showed the world how hot you can look with your baby bump too ! She’s a rockstar mommy😚

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8. Life from an analyst to a blogger?? Asked by Atul Harmalkar.

A big leap though! If you work for biopharma you must be knowing that Pharma professionals are not allowed to use any cosmetics nor any jewellery and stuff like that at work. So literally I used to go like a ghochu to office! Now things are just the other way round. A person who wasn’t using any beauty products now promotes and recommends them to people 😃
They are like two different extremes that can’t be compared, but just one thing to say, life now is way better then life than😊

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9. Your work out regimen and diet ?? Asked by Aniket kedare.

Honestly I’m not a gym person and I hate heavy workouts ! Also I’m a big foodie ! Being a Goan, I can’t do without fish curry and off course loads of rice! Fortunately I’m blessed with a good metabolism. Off lately it demands some efforts though as with age your metabolism slows down! My workout routine includes only yoga which I follow religiously every day for an hour. Also I love my curves and would not want to lose them!

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10. One thing you wish to change in this world ? Asked by Singonline.

If I had the power of changing one thing is this world, particularly if it had to be India than I would have definitely chosen poverty. It really upsets me to see small kids begging on streets and signals. The sight of seeing people sleeping on the roads, struggling for one time food is so disturbing. I wish I could do something to bring this change in the world.

So many questions but I chose only 10 to answer! Sincere apologies to those whom I couldn’t answer as the blog would get really long! So this is all about me, my Life, my opinions, my journey so far and soon we are going to be a 50k fam shortly on instagram 😍 Really excited and happy too that we are growing together.

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You guys have been my constant support and its you for whom I create content every week. So please do keep loving and supporting guys! We’ve got to go a long way together ❤for those who would like to join my journey on instagram here’s the link!

I hope you’ll enjoyed the blog !! Something different than my usual blogs! But don’t worry next week Ill be back again with some great beauty and fashion tips and tricks for you’ll !! Mean while dont forget to check out my last blog on 6 reasons to love your curves here!

See ya soon again with the new blog! Until than Sayonara guys! Stay blessed ! Stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first ❤
Love and lite  💫
Prachi 💕

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  1. Ros

    Waw you definitely get personal in this post. Thanks for sharing it. I myself am an engineer by profession; but blogging became a major passion of mine. It’s just fun! Thanks for the blogging tips too
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