Bodysuit styling tips to look hot and sexy!

Hola my angels ❣ Well I’m happy that these days I’ve been on track with my blogs and have managed pretty well with finding time to create them. Being a fashion enthusiast and a blogger I’m always on a hunt for new styles that are not just trendy but also comfy at the same time. Off lately many of you’ll might have heard about bodysuit being trending a lot in fashion industry! So thought why not share a little piece of info with you’ll about them!

Prachi Maulingker Naik Bodysuit 1

What’s a bodysuit?

For those of you’ll who might be wondering what bodysuit is, it’s basically something very much similar to a one piece swim suit! It runs across your torso and hips and often connects with buttons or hooks in the crotch! This makes it easier to open the body suit for trips to the washroom without having to take off the whole outfit or to put it all over your head again and then again attach at the bottom.

They are available in different forms and types and also different bum coverage ! Some can have a thong, bikini or even brazilian option! Very rarely you would find a body suit with attached shorts for the reason being it would be really difficult to open up the garment when you have to use the washroom.

Prachi Maulingker Naik Bodysuit 2

Coming to the material, you would find them in many options right from lace to soft t-shirt material! They can be sheer or see through, opaque like the one I’m wearing, high neck, plunging neckline, backless to lace up, off shoulders , sleeveless, halter neck and so on.. They are usually made up of stretchy snug body hugging material that’s same across the entire suit! In some cases it might be opaque at certain places and see through at the rest.

You can wear them during the day as well as night time! The day ones are usually the t-shirt or lycra material types that’s not much see through while the night ones are on the sexier side with loads of lace detailing over it to make you feel sexy and give you the much needed oomph for the party look! You can even use the sexy lace ones as lingerie as per your choice and wish!

Why choose a bodysuit ?

Now many of you’ll might be wondering what’s the whole big deal about them! Well I would anytime pick up a body suit over a t-shirt or a blouse when it comes to looking more sexy and hot! Here are my few reasons why I absolutely love wearing a bodysuit!

Prachi Maulingker Naik Bodysuit 3

1. Tucked in look !

The most important and obvious reason why bodysuit was designed was for a more tucked in look! Since it’s got buttons at the bottom you need not worry about it being pulled out unlike your blouses that keep popping out and you have to thrust your hand down your skirt to keep them in place!

2. Seamless look !

Since your bodysuit stays tucked in and attached underneath it remains nice and smooth! Even if your top remains tucked in but still it may move and bunch up at certain places thereby making it look weird. A bodysuit has a better chance of staying snug and sleek!
You don’t need to worry about the lines and the patterns to be visible on your skirts and formal pants due to outfit being gathered at one place.

3. Sexy look !

Another reason why bodysuits are my absolute favourite is that they make you look sexy dude! What so ever reason it may be, cause they are body hugging, they can be sheer or low cut or even may be even just because they are sassy; there’s something about the body suits that makes you feel sexy! It makes you look nice and curvy ! Nothing can beat the sexy look of a bodysuit!

4. Trending !

Bodysuits are currently very popular and are selling like hot cakes! They are amongst the best super stylish options out there! I think this reason would definitely make anyone buy them!

5. Layering options !

Since they tend to snug and hug your body they become a great option for layering! You can throw over a jacket, shrug, overcoats or anything you want without having to worry about looking bulky and overdressed!

6. Option to open up!

If you’ve ever worn a romper or a jumpsuit you might have experienced the pain of undressing completely in order to use the washroom! But with a bodysuit you need not at all worry about this horror ! All thanks to those hooks or snaps at the crotch that makes its super easy to open up and get your business done!

Prachi Maulingker Naik Bodysuit 5

7. Multiple styling options!

Bodysuits offer multiple styling options! You can be as versatile as you need with them! From date night to a casual brunch look, a bodysuit is for all occasions ! You can just pull up a jeans or a shorts over it and you are ready for the weekend! Likewise a skirt over a lace type bodysuit would be perfect for a sexy night out look! You can choose different options right from jeans to formal pants to minis and long skirts for styling your bodysuit!

My take !!

Coming to my styling game, I’ve paired this bodysuit from shein with my formal maroon skirt for more of a evening party look! I’ve teamed it up with my fav pair of red stilettos to complete the look! I’ve kept it minimal with my accessories except for a classy black watch from Daniel Wellington! My makeup and hair is been done by Refleqtion studio, Baner!

Prachi Maulingker Naik Bodysuit 7

So that’s all from this blog ladies ! Hope you’ll loved reading this one! Everytime I try to bring on something interesting for you’ll so that my blogs don’t tend to get repetitive! Please do leave your feedbacks in the comment section below and also if you’ve styled your bodysuit in a different way don’t forget to share your tops too! I would love to see them!

For those of you’ll who missed on my last blog on reasons to buy a net saree, I’ll leave you’ll with the link to the blog here ! Do give it a read ❣ You can also connect with me on my Instagram at prachi_maulingker where I share my fashion updates with my fam! That’s all for today guys !

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See ya soon again with the new blog! Till than Sayonara, stay beautiful, stay blessed and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘

Love and lite ❤️

Prachi ❣

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