Curvy women’s fashion – 6 reasons to love your curves !!

Hola fam 😚 Yes !! Back again with a new blog and this one’s dedicated to all my lovely fellow ladies who somehow think being curvy is less fortunate. It’s true that it can be hard to love your body shape when the world around you is focussing on looking a certain way!

We females, no matter what age group we belong to, we’ve been forced to think that being voluptuous is just not right as we can’t wear most of the trendy stuffs like other instagram models do and hence have to always stick to boring clothes! Well it’s time that we realise, gone are those days where being skinny was considered being sexy and hot! This is the era of Kim Kardashian where being curvy is the new sexy!!

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So be proud of being curvy and embrace those curves because here I’m today to share 6 reasons why you to love your curves! Let’s quick rush through them !!

1. Addiction to men !!

No matter which part of the world you live in, it’s a fact that men always find a curvy women much more attractive than a thin lady! Infact don’t be suprised when I tell you that there are so many studies conducted that says that the curves of a woman has the same effect like that of a drug or alcohol on man’s brain! So the next time you see a man gazing at you, trust me its for s good reason 😉

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2. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans are meant just for you!!

We curvy woman are blessed with a flowing feminine figure that always looks sweltering in tight fitting clothes! Nothing can beat a curvy woman wearing a pencil skirt, with a low neck blouse and stilettos, rather the most lethal combination I must say! So embrace that figure hugging skirt or pick up your favourite pair of stylish jeans and wear with confidence and grace because your hips don’t like babe 😉

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3. You’re a saree godess!

Sarees being my most favourite indian attire, so now you know why I do so much of saree blogs on my Instagram 😉 Nothing can match the beauty of a curvy Indian woman in sarees! When I say this I can literally swear by my words! Sarees are meant for curvy beauties like us! I’m sure no one in this world would disagree with me on This! Nothing accentuates the curves of a woman better than a saree. Yes ladies ! Try it out yourself and see the results! I’m sure whoever first invented saree must have done so visualising a curvy woman 😁

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4. Being curvy keeps you young!

Yeah!! This is a great news for all of us ladies !! This may sound weird to you but there is a correlation between being curvy and looking young ! Recent studies have shown that having a little bit of fat keeps your skin looking fresh, glowing and wrinkle free as compared to your skinny counterparts! Your curves may not necessarily stop the biological clock from ticking but definitely they gonna keep you looking young 😃

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5. Your curves make you stronger!

There are a couple of studies that have proved that curvy women are much stronger than the skinny ones reason being quite obvious! Unlike skinny woman, they aren’t worried about eating and hence are much more nourished and healthier! There are also studies that that have shown a correlation between a plump hour glass figure and better maternal health ! So ladies its time to rejoice and celebrate for being a curvy lady!

Curvy 6

6. Attractive silhouette!

Guys love a woman with a sexy silhouette – and the curvier the better. The more curves a woman has, the better her silhouette is and the more womanly she looks. Whether she dresses up for a night out or lounging around in sexy lingerie, men love a woman with a strong, sexy silhouette. Every woman wants her man looking at her from a distant and thinking, damn how attractive is my woman. Having curves does just that because your body is fuller and more womanly. So don’t deny your curves. Show them off. Not only will it make you feel more confident or sexier, but you’ll see how much your man truly loves it!

Curvy 7

Embrace your curves 😁

So Ladies I hope you got the point !! I dint tell you anything that you dint already know ! Many of us feel reluctant when it comes to dressing up your curvy body! I’m sure these reasons are good enough to boost your confidence the next time you feel depressed about being curvy! More importantly be body positive, surround yourself with positive people!

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The curves that you actually consider a disadvantage for you is actually your asset! Flaunt them proudly! You’ve got some thing which may be a skinny girl’s desire! So be happy about it! There’s a saying that goes anyone can drive on a straight road, but it takes a real man to handle those curves!! And you are that challenge for a him!😉

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I hope you’ll loved reading this one! I’m sure you would have your thoughts too to share on This! Please do drop them in the comments section below and I would love to read them !

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Before I sign off leaving you’ll with the link to my last blog on tips to look confident in pictures for a photoshoot here ! Do give it a read! See ya soon ladies with a new blog !! Untill than Sayonara ! Stay blessed ! Stay beautiful !! And don’t forget to love yourself first 😚

Love and light 💫
Prachi 😍

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