Dermavive dry scalp shampoo Review

Hola my angels ❤ Hope you guys are doing great as always 😊 just a couple of days back I had posted a review on Neutriderm skin whitening creme and there have been msgs that I’ve been getting asking how and where to buy this creme from! For those who missed the blog I shall put up the link here ! The blog has all the details and answers to your questions but still if you have anything in specific to discuss than you can reach out to me anything on my social media handles. Yet another beauty blog today wherein I’m gonna review Dermavive dry scalp shampoo for you guys!

 maulingker Naik_ Dermavive dry scalp shampoo 5Let me start by briefing you’ll about the brand and the product! Dermavive is an Australian made product recommended by many leading dermatologists across the globe! Dermavive shampoo is for dry, itchy and irritated skin. This shampoo contains natural colloidal oatmeal which is a scientifically proven ingredient and provides many beneficial features to manage and treat dry skin conditions. It restores the normal pH balance of the skin and maintains the natural acidity of the skin, thereby protecting against dryness. Also it works as a skin protectant and enhances the barrier of the skin.

As these products are used in managing and treating people with dry skin problems, there is no fragrance added and the odour is the natural odour of the colloidal oatmeal. While the odour maybe present while smelling it directly from the tube. After applying it on the skin it becomes odourless. Some people appreciate the odour while others don’t as odour preference is subjective.

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Key benefits of Dermavive dry scalp shampoo !

1. This is a best Oatmeal based soap-free and pH balanced shampoo for gentle cleansing and protection of hair & scalp.

2. Hydrates hair and nourishes the scalp.

3. Reduces itching and irritation on hair and scalp.

4. No tangled hair while combing.

5. Suitable for all hair types.

6. Suitable for all skin types particularly dry, inflamed, sensitive (including infants skin) and mature.

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My Experience with the product!

Personally I used this shampoo for more than 2 weeks now and I can confidently say that it does what it promises ! I could feel the difference after a week’s time. The itching sensation of my scalp reduced considerably. Pls note that I don’t claim that this shampoo made my hair smooth glossy and shiny so please do not expect it from this product. I always believe in giving genuine honest reviews and that’s what I’ve done with this blog too. So if you one of those who have dry skin scalp issues or get itchy sensation on your scalp or any other scalp related issues than this one’s for you guys!

 maulingker Naik_ Dermavive dry scalp shampoo 2Coming to the pricing and buying of this product, Dermavive dry scalp shampoo retails at 1200/- and can be easily purchased from and drug store, chemist, skin clinics and so on. Alternatively you you can also find this shampoo on Amazon, Flipkart and Purplle! Here’s a direct link to buy Dermavive dry scalp shampoo from Amazon!

Prachi maulingker Naik_ Dermavive dry scalp shampoo 1So guys that’s all from today’s blog ! If you’ve already used this product than please do share your experiences with me in the comment section below ! I would love to give them a read ❤

See ya soon with a new blog! Untill than Sayonara ladies! Stay blessed stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘

Love and lite 💫
Prachi ❤

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