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Design your own saree!!

Hola my angels! Off lately my schedule of posting blog has gone haywire ! I had decided I would post every Saturday but unfortunately couldn’t fix to the targeted day. But promise to come back on track very soon so that you guys don’t need to constantly DM me and ask when I’ll be posting my new blog! 🤗 Well here’s again a blog on saree but this time its something I’m sure you would definitely thank me for!! 😉

Most of us love wearing designer sarees but we’re all aware of the bitter truth that a good fancy designer saree would definitely cost us a fortune! Designer sarees are expensive for the fact that they are unique in themselves and are exclusive to the label!

Buying every time a new designer saree is like shelling out a minimum 8000/- to 10000/- Rs on one saree which is actually way too much for your pockets. 😥

So what do we do now ?? No more worrying ladies! I’m gonna explain you today how to design your own designer saree almost at literally half of the above cost! Yes you read it right!

You can be your own designer and save on those extra bucks which you would otherwise waste on buying a designer label! See that’s the reason I said you gonna thank me for this! 😉

Brown saree pic 1Designing your own saree isn’t a rocket science my loves ! All you need to know is basic understanding of the fabric and some knowledge about mixing and matching colors! At first to make things easy and simpler for you, I would suggest you to choose any of your favourite designer saree you spotted a celebrity flaunting for some event!

Brown saree pic 2Now that you know how you want your saree to be, start looking out for same color fabric and material and get it designed from the tailor exact same way!

Now if you think you can play well with mixing and matching your fabric and color than you can easily get this done without any reference! Like for example the saree you see me wearing in these pics is designed by me. I used the little knowledge I have about playing with colors to do this! So let’s start with the process of how to do this!

Selecting saree fabric !

The first thing you got to do is decide on what type saree you want to design, like net, satin, silk, chiffon, georgette etc! Now that you know material to look for, its time to outsource the material from a wholesale cloth merchant! I personally love fabrics from saroj fabrics! They have an amazing collection with endless options to choose from!

In general you need 5 metres of fabric to design a saree. You can either buy entire 5 metres in the same material or different in case you planning to make half saree!

Brown saree pic 7Accessoring the saree!

Now that you selected your base material its time to select the border for your saree!
Incase if its a satin one its always a good idea to avoid adding a border as it would make it look tacky!

Likewise for a net saree you can play around depending on your saree type! Incase it has loads of embroidery or sequencing I would suggest you to skip adding a border.

Brown saree pic 3If you want a more of heavier ethnic look go for borders which are made from stone work or pearls. They lift the look of the whole saree. Before that make sure when using heavy borders, your fabric doesn’t have lots of sequencing done on it!

Similarly if you want your saree to be more of traditional types opt for borders like with gotapatti work or something like zardosi borders! Its upto to you how you want to design it!

How to use the border !

Another point to mention here is you don’t need to put your border across all the edges of your saree. The portion where you would tuck in the fabric around your waist, make sure you keep it plain so that it doesn’t irritate your skin!

Brown saree pic 8Basically the border should cover the entire edges of the fabric across the whole length which would come towards the lower side and the top pallu part. Check out any designer saree that you have with you to get an idea of the quantity of border you need.
You can even go in with small beads or patches for putting across the fabric! Use any fabric glue for this purpose. Alternatively you can choose to put latkans for the pallu.

Brown saree pic 9
Since my saree material was full of design all over, I decided to go with a simple golden border to match with the print! I wanted to keep it simple and aesthetic!

Designing the blouse!

Now your done with the saree part, the next most important part is the blouse ! The blouse can either make or break the whole look hence you need to be very wise when selecting the blouse fabric. Off lately contrasts are trending but its not a mandate to follow the trend!

Brown saree pic 4In my case I decided to blend in with the saree color rather than going for contrast! I chose a golden crepe raw silk material and velvet border to match my saree. I wanted to keep the look sexy hence got the blouse done in strap pattern! Its upto you how to get the blouse done. You will get thousands of ideas if you just google for it!

For a blouse like this, you hardly need less than a meter of fabric. You can even opt to go for sheer sleeves made of net or any other semi transparent fabric. If I start talking about blouse designs it would be an entirely whole new blog on this topic 😃! You can go as versatile as you want when deciding on blouse design!

Brown saree pic 5And to your surprise this saree is all done within the cost of 3000/- Rs. including stitching cost! Since you would personally go and procure all the material and accessories you would save a lot! This is just an example of how to do this!

Why design your own saree??

If you are scared to experiment you can try this on a low budget fabric and see how it turns out to be. Trust me ladies, the results are going to be awesome!

And the best part of designing your own saree is that it would be unique to you! Undoubtedly you are saving money by doing this! Also there’s no chance you would see someone else flaunting the same one at any event! 😉

Brown saree pic 6Winding up with this blog for now! Hope I managed to inspire you guys to try out designing your own saree through this blog! Also don’t forget to check out my last blog on how to choose your wedding dress here!

Do let me know in the comments below if you would want me to show you one more time how to design another saree! Also if you have tried out something like this do share your thoughts! I would love to learn from you!

See ya soon with my next blog! Untill than Sayonara! Stay beautiful! Stay blessed and as always keep loving yourself 😘
Love and lite 💕
Prachi 😊

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  1. Kamlesh

    You absolutely rock this golden colour and styles, wow! I didn’t realise how versatile sarees could be, thank you for an eye-opening post, I loved it!..blouse is also attraction Pont of view.Very sexy blouse.Accessories also matched very generously.and your smile makes all beautiful….

  2. Sonia

    How much should be the width of the fabric?
    Is it a good idea to take more than 5mtrs of fabric to get more pleats?

    BTW u look stunning in ur own creation. Keep up the good work girl

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