How ZEE5’s short film Dhaaga explores brother-sister relationship dynamics?

Hey people! What’s up? Hope you’ll are doing fab as always! So here I’m today with yet another blog in the entertainment segment and this one’s going to be my first one for 2019 under this category! Isn’t
that exciting? Moreover, the movie I’m going to talk about in today’s blog is even more exciting and extremely well crafted; And It’s none other then “Dhaaga”!

This blog features a beautiful Marathi short film called Dhaaga, a ZEE5 original film starring Sahil Kene, Ashwini Ladekar and exceptionally well directed by Raj R Gupta. This short film was officially released on ZEE5 on 10th January and is now available for its viewers in different languages
only on ZEE5! You can watch the trailer of the film here!

Dhaaga 4Interestingly, the film has been officially selected in the short film corner at the prestigious 70th Cannes Film Festival. You can check out more details here.

The movie revolves around the special bond shared by a young boy Shankar and his elder sister Uma in a small rural village of Maharashtra. It showcases how siblings can be good friends despite all the silly
fights and quarrels and still be holding each other’s back whenever needed. So as I saw the movie on ZEE5, I felt the need to share how it explores brother-sister relationship dynamics.

Significance of Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan and Bhai dhuj are two Indian festivals that are celebrated by siblings in almost every Indian household. It’s not just a festival for exchanging gifts, but to tell your brother or sister that you
care for them, love them and tell them that their relationship would always remain the same no matter what. In fact, there’s a really beautiful scene in the movie where Shankar’s father explains him the
significance of Rakhi on the day of Raksha Bandhan. The way the father explains is not only simple but touches the heart too.
Also, the movie’s title Dhaaga itself denotes rakhi. Rakhi is just not a thread that a sister is supposed to tie her brother. It’s a promise that she wants from her brother that he would always be there for her whenever needed, he would guard her, protect her, love her unconditionally.

Dhaaga 3

The Naive Possessiveness

The best part of a brother-sister relation is the possessiveness they have towards each other. No matter how much they would fight, get annoyed but at the end of the day, if someone does or says anything to
his or her brother or sister, the other one would stand like a shield to safeguard him or her. The dynamics of this relationship is beyond any explanation. They are like best of friends, they would eat together, laugh together, cry together, share secrets with each other. Even in this movie, Shankar is
been shown quite possessive about his sister Uma. There’s a scene in which this tiny little brat sees his sister with a guy who’s supposed to be her boyfriend and just runs to bash him on his face. Also, he’s the only one to know about their secret. See, that’s what siblings are good at; keeping each other’s secrets!

Dhaaga 2

The Complexity of Promises

When a sister ties a Rakhi to her brother, she expects him to protect her. That’s exactly the same thing that Uma tells Shankar too. But sometimes, promises can be difficult to fulfil. Sometimes, it leads to
decisions that have life-long consequences. How one such decision to fulfil his promise of protecting Uma takes him to a dark path forms the thrilling climax of Dhaaga.

Dhaaga 1

By the end of the movie, I am sure it will you leave you stunned and make you think. It is films like these that need to be appreciated for showcasing the real side of life, especially in rural India.

I guess I’ve described quite a lot about this film already. So, I would highly recommend you watch Dhaaga on ZEE5 in your preferred language of choice here 👇


So that’s all from this blog guys! Hope you’ll enjoy reading this one. If you’ve watched this film then do drop your opinions about the same in the comments section below and I would love to read them! See ya soon with yet another entertaining blog. Till then stay blessed stay beautiful 🤗

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