Draping tips to look gorgeous in sarees!

Hola my angels! Hope you’ll are doing fab and fantastic as always ❤ So here’s my first blog for the month of October and I’m bringing in my favourite topic of blogging! You guessed it right, Sarees . Saree is something which is an integral part of me! We are inseparable and I would keep coming with new blogs related to them sooner or later! So today’s blog is all about pleating and draping hacks to make you look gorgeous in this 6 yards of sheer elegance. 💚 So without wasting much time lets jump into the first hack !

Draping tips for sarees !

1. Right way to pleat!

Pleating the saree is the most crucial step in saree draping and make sure you do it correctly for your saree to look perfect! Let’s discuss the pallu pleating later. Coming to the pleats near your waist, every saree fabric has its own requirement! If its a chiffon saree the pleats need to kinda loose and small. Whereas a silk saree would need more of bigger or wider pleates, preferably iron them and fix them in place before you start your saree draping! Make sure you don’t tuck them too much in so much that your foot ware is visible at the bottom.

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2. Pallu game!

Yet another crucial part in saree draping is fixing the pallu ! Pallu being the major attraction of saree in most of the cases its important you wear it in the right way to enhance the look of the saree. For a designer party wear saree with heavy pallu work its always a safe bet to leave the saree on your arm by tucking only 1 end. If your entire attraction of the saree is on the pallu make sure you let it loose so that the design is visible. Likewise for a silk saree it’s always a good idea to pleat up the pallu and put it up on the shoulder for more organised look and slimmer look!

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3. Look levelled!

Yes it matters where the saree ends as much as where it begins! When it comes to draping even experts say that no matter even if you have a perfect 24inch waist with no love handles to worry about it’s always a good idea to drape your saree 1 to 2 inch below your navel and not more! Similarly wearing it too much above your navel’s gonna take away all the charm of the saree.

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4. Drapes to hide flab!

If you are battling to hide those extra pounds than printed drapes would be a perfect choice for You! Prints tone down the look of the body by diverting all the attention on the them. Another safe bet is to opt for darker shades ! Dark colors anytime make you look slim, thereby boosting your confidence.

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5. Heels to seal the deal !

Quietly honestly let me mention here that you would ruin your saree look with flats or platform heels ! The arch of the back that’s created with the saree draping gives you kinda dramatic look and adding heels to it makes it even better. Your body structure looks more curvy, you look tall and lean and the best part is adding heels fine tunes your draping ! Select anything type of heels that’s comfy to walk in.

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6. Saree peticoats !

Though they seem to be not so important part of your saree game, but they can definitely take it to the next level! selecting a right saree peticoat is quite important when it comes to looking perfect in saree. Preferably stitch your peticoat rather than getting a ready made one! This well help you get the desired length and flair at the base. Get your peticoat stitched in a way that it makes the upper part of the hip a lot slimmer making a flair below your knees. This is particularly important in case of net or any other see through type of sarees.

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7. Avoid getting over accessorized!

Avoid wearing too many accessories with your saree no matter even if you attending a close family function. Every occasion is not your wedding and overdressing can kill the whole look.
Try dressing down to fewer accessories like a statement choker or grand chandelier earrings. Whatever you choose make sure it’s worn once at a time. If you choose to wear heavy danglers than skip the necklace.

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8. Try layering !

Layering helps you to look all the more alluring ! All you need to do is add some layers to the saree look in different forms like a jacket probably or may be a blouse with a cape made of soft flowing fabric. But if you are someone who’s on a healthier side than layering isn’t for you ! It would just make things worse for you by making you look bulky. You should try this only if you are thin and tall!

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9. Blouse designs !

Your blouse can either make or break the whole look of the saree. So getting your blouse designed rightly from a right person is utmost important. Currently blouses with tassel work are trending a lot ! Similarly heavy work blouse with s simple plain saree is also quite in trend ! A blouse stitched perfectly can completely take your saree to a whole new level.

Draping tips Prachi Maulingker 9So Ladies these were my few tips and tricks that would definitely up your saree game! Saree is such a attire that can be worn and draped in many different styles and drapes. A little bit of creativity can help you create different looks with one simple saree. So do share your experiences and styling tips too in the comment section below and I would love to give them a read ! Mean while don’t forget to check out my last blog on how to look smart and beautiful always in here ! Stay connected with me on my Instagram too only at prachi_maulingker!

See ya soon ladies with a brand new blog! Untill than Sayonara! Stay blessed stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first ❤

Love and lite 💫
Prachi ❣

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