Fashion styling tips for wide legged pants!

Hola my angels!! For all my Indian blog readers, hope you’ll had a great festive time celebrating Diwali with your loved ones ❣ Well I know off lately I haven’t posted anything new on my blog ! Just been insanely occupied with my routine and thought of taking a short break and making a fresh start again !😊 With that being said let me tell you what’s this fashion blog is all about !

Many of you’ll might have come across Instagram models, bloggers and influencers flaunting ruffled or wide legged pants ! These pants are not just popular amongst the youth but also loved by ladies from all age groups! So here’s a blog on my take on styling ruffled pants!

For those of you’ll who are still wondering what ruffled pants are, these are the wide legged pants that were quite trending in early 70s and 80s. They continued to create buzz for couple of years untill they were replaced by skinny ankle length ones!

I’m sure many of you’ll who were lucky enough to be a part of that era would be proudly possessing one, which might have been dumped in your store room. But the good news is, these pants are back in fashion now and they are here to stay! 😍 Time to pick up yours from the junk and recreate the magic! Hence here’s a blog on my tips on how to style and strut in your fav wide legged pants !

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 1

1. Crop top for youthful look !

Most of the wide legged pants are high waist which makes them a perfect choice for pairing them with a crop top without having to worry about your belly been visible too much ! Crop tops add the much needed glam factor to your pants there by making you feel 10 times more hotter and sexier❣

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 2

2. Body fit tee !

If you are someone who’s too conscious about revealing tummy in crop top, another option for you would be wearing a body snugging tee that’s good enough to highlight your curves without having to expose much! I’ve seen people wearing loose blouses too but I some how don’t agree on that!  Reason being since your pants are already wide legged at the bottom and adding a loose tee or blouse would make you look structurally disproportionate and hence I’m of the opinion to go for body fit tee or blouse instead!

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 3

3. Cross body bags!

Cross body bag is one of the best fashion accessory to pair with your ruffled pants! Not just that they look chic and stylish but also lift your look to a whole new level! Alternatively you can also team it with a bum bags. They’ve been currently loved my many fashion enthusiasts and looks super cool when worn with these pants! P.S Don’t try to experiment with a big bulky shoulder bag with your wide legged pants; unless you want to look like a fool walking around the streets 😜

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 4

4. Statement fashion jewellery!

As I’ve mentioned earlier that body snug tees are a great companion for your ruffled pants, you can wisely style it with statement neckpieces like the boho ones as they give you a flattering look that’s worth turning heads ! Tip here – These statement neckpieces work best when worn with plain single colour outfit. They can stand out more effectively on monochrome! Over here I skipped a neckpiece for the reason my tee already had text printed over it.

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 5

5. Right shoes!

Ruffled pants look best when paired with heels for the reason being, they already have a wide base hence they make you look stouter and shorter unless you are someone in 5.8 feet and above height category. Hence any sort of heels look best when teamed with these Pants. In this case I opted for block heels. You can either go for the same or normal pencil heels, stilettos or even trendy wedges! Sneakers and flats are not so great option. I advise you to stay away from them when wearing such pants.

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 6Well these were some of my personal tips which I assume to work well with ruffled pants! As you see from the pictures, most of them have been tried and tested by me before even recommending them to you’ll 😉!

I hope you’ll will definitely try them or if you’ve already done, than do share your pics with me as I would love to see how you’ll styled your pants! 😊

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 7Before I take your leave, just a quick reminder about my last blog on styling oxidized jewellery with saree! You can check it out here ! For more pics on this look check out my instagram at Prachi_maulingker. See ya soon ladies with a brand new blog! Untill than sayonara 

Fashion blog by Prachi Maulingker Naik 8Stay blessed stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘

Love and lite 💫

Prachi 💜

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