Gold Chain – The Versatile Everyday Jewellery


When it comes to accessorizing, did you know that jewellery goes back to the beginning of civilization? Back then jewellery was made from different elements found in nature. Gold is a precious metal that’s used in jewellery extensively now because of its noble nature. Jewellery can be broadly classified into daily and occasional wear. Daily wear includes those which we wear on an everyday basis and is usually lightweight and simple whereas occasional wear is for random wear. However, there’s a type of jewellery that fits both – CHAINS.

Chains have been one of the most common daily wear jewellery that both men and women have adorned since the beginning of civilization. No other jewellery is as versatile as a chain. The gold chain for men can be worn as single neck jewellery but also with a pendant. Besides, you can also choose to wear a gold chain with practically any attire from your wardrobe that will only compliment your look.

Chain for men!

In terms of manufacturing, a gold chain for men is broadly classified into handmade and machine chains. Handmade chains are exclusive for occasional wear since they are heavier and fancier with intricate design work. Whereas, machine chains are the simple ones suitable for daily wear and come with a very simple design. Mostly preferred as daily wear, these gold chain for men are also quite lightweight.

Chain for women!

Gold Chain for women (just like a gold chain for men) has the same versatility of wearing it as it is or with a pendant. However, it is classified under a couple of options besides handmade and machine chains. They are lariat necklace, pendant necklace, rope necklace, etc. Besides the machine and mangalsutra chains, most of the gold chain for women are usually enough to make a decent neck piece on its own.

The latest gold chain for men and women are slightly different from what’s been going on for a very long time. Men are shifting towards fancier chains with more than a single gold tone (preferably yellow gold and white gold). The alternating tones in a gold chain for men makes them quirky and fun to sport. As for women, the mangalsutra chains have been quite fancy off late and has become another place to flaunt their fashion and their style.

The gold chain for men is available in a variety of designs – box, snake, curb, etc. These gold chain for men can be shopped in varying length as well as thickness to suit your needs and budget. The gold chain for men bought with the intention of wearing with a pendant is usually light and thin one so that the bail passes through easily.

Gold chain for men and women is considered as a very suitable gifting option during auspicious occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary. All the chain listed is in 22K yellow gold, the most preferred purity as well as colour for different purposes. Go ahead and grab a fancy chain for yourself or your loved one or both!

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