How to look slim in photos- hacks to hide your flabs!

Hola fam 💕 I hope you’ll are doing amazing in August 😉 Well this is yet another much requested topic on my Instagram that I finally thought of blogging today. I can very well relate my self to this blog as most of you’ll who know me might be aware that I’m a curvy women with flaws too just like any other normal being. And I’m not ashamed of my body nor I feel there’s a harm in loving yourself for what you are. I’ve always been this way since my genetics are such that no matter what I never loose weight on my arms and my tummy !!😑 Hence the best way is to hide those flaws with some basic knowledge of your body and some hacks that I’m gonna share with you today ! So keep reading ladies to know my secrets to look slim in the pictures 😜

Hacks to look slim !!

Hack no 1. Choosing undergarments!

For many of you’ll off course including me the most problematic area is your waist or your tummy! The best way to conceal your tummy bulge is by selecting the right undergarments. Make sure you buy panties that are mid rise that means that come up to your naval or belly button. Don’t opt for high rise or low rise panties as they would only make things worse by making the tummy bulge even more prominent than otherwise.

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Hack no 2. Choose the right fit!

Yes !! Next most important thing is to choose your size wisely. When you buy your t shirts or tops or any blouses make sure they aren’t too tight or too loose on your upper body. Too tight would highlight your tummy more and too loose would make you look shapeless. So opt for something that’s just medium fitted and gives you a perfect slim look.

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Hack no 3. Body shapers to look slim!

Everyone wants to look sexy!! Who doesn’t right ? But to wear trendy tops the biggest hurdle that comes our way is the flabs in and around your waist and abdomen region. Body shapers are a great option for such instances. They give an instant slimmer looking appearance thereby making the outfit look sexy. Many ladies often choose a body shaper that’s one size smaller thinking it would make you look slim but on contrary this will not just make the situation worse but also make up feel uncomfortable so the best option is to go for body shapers that’s one size bigger to your actual size.

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Hack no 4. Choose darker shades!

We all know the magical effect of black outfit for the fact that it makes us look much slimmer than our actual size. Darker shades are known to give a slim appearance instantly without having to take much efforts. Opt for darker color tops and tees for a sleek upper body look. Mostly importantly avoid blingy or shiny tops as they tend to make you look like a disco ball by highlighting all the flabs on your upper body.

How to look slim- Bodycon dress pic 4

Hack no 5. Adding layers to the outfit!

Adding layers to the outfit is a good technique when it comes to hiding your flaws. You can either opt to wear a jacket over your tee! Alternatively wearing a short contrast color jacket over your Kurta can make you look instantly slim. Infact there are a huge range of outer wear that’s available online as well as offline in the market. You can choose right from a shrug to a denim jacket to add layers to your outfit.

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Hack no 6. Adding statement jewellery!

By adding a statement jewellery like a statement neckpiece or big earrings you are actually diverting the whole attention away from your body flab. Chunky jewellery pieces not just spruce up the look but also takes away all the focus from your tummy and off course an added bonus you look super stylish and chic 😚

How to look slim -Bodycon dress pic 6

Hack no 7. Choosing right bottoms!

Just like I mentioned in my first point on choosing undergarments, I would like to stress again here on choosing mid rise jeans or pants to hide your tummy bulge. Even for that matter your skirts or your palazzo pants. Wear them around your naval. They help to conceal the tummy and also your love handles thereby making you look slim.

How to look slim -Bodycon dress pic 7

Hack no 8. High slit kurtis!!

If you are more of an Indian wear person, when choosing your kurtis make sure you pick up the ones with a high slit. Now don’t ask me the science behind This, but somehow they make you look slimmer and conceal the tummy area. Telling this from my personal experience ladies 😋

How to look slim- Bodycon dress pic 8

Hack no 9. Off shoulder outfits!

Now if you’re are a person who’s got dole shole, than welcome to my squad. Heavy arms have been something I’ve been dealing from a long time and have ultimately given up on them now. So the hack I use most of the time is opting for off shoulder tops, blouses and dresses. They just not cover up my big arms but also make me look chic and stylish at the same time. And most importantly they are currently trending loves 😍

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Hack no 10. Stay stylish always!

Yess ladies, might not seem to be a hack but yes off course can help you overcome the “I’m so fat” syndrome. By being stylish and trendy you are driving all the attention of the viewers on your outfits rather than our flabs. So no matter what size or shape you are, stay super stylish, don’t fear of experimenting with new styles. Remember the key to look slim in pics is to look super stylish 😉

How to look slim- Bodycon dress pic 10So Ladies I hope you could find something helpful from this blog. It was my sincere effort to put down the best 10 things that might work best for you when you want to look thin and slim not just in pictures but in real life as well. If you know any such hacks which you think you should share with us than please drop them in the comments section below and I would love to read them 😚

How to look slim - Bodycon dress pic 11Before I take your leave here’s a link to my last blog on how to style your party gown/party dress! Do give it a check. For more pics on this look don’t forget to checkout my Instagram handle @prachi_maulingker!

Sayonara ladies!! Stay beautiful, stay blessed and don’t forget to love yourself 💕
Love & lite 💫
Prachi 😚

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