How to rock a sleek middle parting bun look!

Hola my angels! Hope you all are doing great as always 🙂 Well, today’s blog is a real quick one, where I’ll be sharing some great tips to rock the sleek middle parting bun hairstyle!

Ever since I saw Deepika Padukone flaunting this look so effortlessly, I always wanted to give this a try but at the same time I was really skeptical about how it would look on me! But with some basic styling hacks I could pull off the look quite well! At least I felt so 🙈

Sleek middle parting bun hairstyle 2

So here’s me sharing some of my personal favourite hacks that would probably help you ace this look with style and elegance! Let’s get rolling!

Sleek Middle parting bun hairstyle –

1. Make sure your middle parting is done neatly so that the final look appears nice and clean. 

 2. If you choose to flaunt this look with traditional saree the way I did, keep the bun as low as possible for a balanced look. 

Sleek middle parting bun hairstyle 1

3. Choose your hair accessories wisely; either go in for a fresh flower gajra rolled around the bun or opt for roses or other flowers which can be placed on one side of the bun. This would be good enough to make your hairstyle appear attractive. 

4. Set the tiny hair which may pop up from the middle parting in place using hair gel. They would look neat and sleek. 

Sleek middle parting bun hairstyle 6

5. Now this is purely optional but applying sindoor at the middle parting really adds to the whole look! I personally love applying it. 

Some more tips to rock Sleek Middle parting bun look!

6. Preferably go in for a small bindi rather than a big one as already a lot of attraction is drawn to your forehead because of the middle parting and you would not want to make it even more evident with a big bindi.

Sleek middle parting bun hairstyle 3

7. Jhumkas or chandelier earrings would be an ideal choice with such hairstyle, but again it’s an optional choice. I chose to wear other ear accessories so ditched the jhumkas!

8. Avoid wearing a mangtika with centre parted bun hairstyle as it would not highlight the hairstyle.

9. Contoured face really looks sexy with this hairstyle as the hair being pulled up, your entire face is visible. Contouring the face rightly would really bring out your best features thereby adding glam to the whole look!

Sleek middle parting bun hairstyle 3

10. Last but definitely not the least, trust me at the very first instance you’ll not like this hairstyle. But do not give up because it’s worth giving a shot at least once. Just try it 2 to 3 times before the event and you’ll eventually start getting used to this sleek look. 

Confidence is the key!

What really matters at the end is how confident you are while carrying this hairstyle. So just go for it! Life is all about experimentation and trying new things! Own it in a way like this sleek look is meant just for you! 

So that’s all from this blog people! I didn’t really want to keep this lengthy. Hope you’ll enjoyed reading this one and don’t forget to try this wedding hairstyle next time you wear a saree ☺️

Sleek middle parting bun hairstyle 5

Let me know your thoughts on middle parting sleek bun hairstyle in the comments section below! Also for more such fashion updates do check out my Instagram at Prachi_maulingker

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Sleek middle parting bun hairstyle 7

I would see you all very soon with a brand new blog, until then sayonara, stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘

Love & lite 💫

Prachi ❣️

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