How to wear Saree as a boho dress!

Hola my angels 💖 I hope you’ll are doing great as always ! Well, needless to say, my love for sarees has no boundaries and this blog is again dedicated to them 🙂 Experimenting with different types of drapes, styles is something I love doing with a saree, but this time I thought of going a step ahead and wearing it as a dress!

Yep! You got me right! This blog is all about how to wear your saree as a boho dress in particular, without any cutting or sewing! At the most all you would need is some safety pins to secure the saree in place . The best part is that, this would hardly need 10 mins to drape ! Isn’t that exciting ? So let’s see how do we do this.

Prachi maulingker Naik saree1

Things that you need-
  1. Plain or printed saree with good fall.
  2. A belt or a waist chain.
  3. Tube top.
  4. Jeans/leggings/jeggings/skirt.
  5. Safety pins.
Step by step procedure-

To transform your saree into a dress first pick a saree with soft material which would snug your body! Satin, chiffon, georgette would be the best fabric choices. Now check the centre of the saree and tie it at the waist making a knot. Make sure you have equal amount of fabric on both the sides of the knot. Now pick up the edges of the loose fabric and tie them at your neck making a knot behind.

Prachi maulingker Naik saree 2

Now you’ll be having some extra fabric that hangs at the side.  Pick up the right side fabric and make pleats and tuck them into the side of your jeans or leggings. Alternatively you can also tuck it at the back. Repeat the same process on the left side. You’re almost done now. Take a belt and add it around your bust line or waist wherever you want it so that it adds structure and symmetry to the whole look! Now open up the knot you’ve made behind your neck and roll up both the edges to make it into a rope like thing and then tie it back again at the back of your neck! Adjust the neckline and secure it with safety pins to avoid it from shifting! And there you go! Your halter neck boho dress is all ready!

Prachi maulingker Naik saree 3

Styling the look-

Add a chunky neckpiece for those boho vibes, you can also add armlet if you like. Style it like a pro and you are ready to rock the look! You can create this look either on leggings or jeans but wearing it on a skirt would make it much easier and convenient when it comes to using a restroom!

Prachi maulingker Naik saree 4

This was my take on it! Attaching a link to a video tutorial below for much better clarity!

How to wear saree as a dress! 

I totally loved the way it turned out ! Do try it out ladies! Trust me you’ll end up getting endless compliments for the dress! Do try it out and let me know your views in the comments section below.

Also don’t forget to check out my previous blog on styling plain sarees here. See ya soon again with yet another new blog. Till then sayonara,  stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first!

Love & Lite 💫

Prachi ❤

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  1. Prajakta Kadam

    very nice idea and you are looking very pretty .
    just one que..
    do you take off that tube top in middle of the video ? and in photoshoots ?

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