Accepting your Body – 5 ways to Self Love!

P.S This one’s gonna be pretty lengthy, so if you aren’t long article reader, I suggest you quit reading it 😊
Hola my angels ❣ Well well well , now that you may scroll through my blog and assume this to be a saree styling blog or anything to do with saree, than let me correct you, this isn’t a saree blog nor it has anything to do with fashion or beauty tips and tricks or for that matter anything related to all of my previous blog.

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This one’s gonna be slightly different then what I usually blog about. A blog that’s gonna be focussing more on educating you about your body. No no! Definitely I’m not a life or a thought coach, neither I wish to shift my domain from fashion blogging to motivational blogging, but I’m here to do this today just cause I felt the need to do so!

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Why this blog today ?

Let me tell you the reason why. Now those of you’ll who religiously follow my posts on my Instagram, might have seen that off lately my posts are more of beach wear that are being uploaded. And I’ve been getting a lot of DMs with respect to them. Some good, some bad, some honest, some real ! But what I identified here was many were concerned about how can someone flaunt a bikini precisely monokini despite of knowing that you haven’t got that perfect bikini body ! Now here, Let me introduce you’ll to a famous quote that says, love your body and it will love you back! I’m sure many of you’ll might have come across this one at some or the other point of life.

Every person in this world has some imperfections, like for me, I have thick thighs, cellulite, ugly arms that jiggle when touched !😅 But that doesn’t stop me from loving myself! Hence I thought why not do a blog for all those who have so many insecurities about their bodies and are struggling to deal with it.

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Well I don’t know to what level this would be helpful, but yeah, this is just a small effort from my side to make you’ll feel better about the bodies you’ll have! So here are my 5 ways to love yourself for what you are and stop hating your body which is actually worth worshipping ❣

1. Stop assuming that everyone’s perfect!

Yes!!! Point no. 1 and one of the most most crucial thing to do is stop assuming that every other person you see on instagram has a fab bod! No, that isn’t always true! In today’s world of photoshop, you can correct every imperfection on your body with just a single click of the mouse! While you admire someone’s picture, you’ve got no idea how much efforts have gone behind smoothening the skin, concealing the marks, slimming the face! So stop feeling depressed looking at a great body on social media and than hating yourself for being that ugly duckling! The person on the other end of the screen must be having his/her struggles too! So cheers and be happy ❤

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2. Dress to please yourself not others!

Confused?? Let me simplify this to you! Many a times we often dress to please others cause they love to see you in a particular way. It’s not bad either but the next time you get ready try to get ready for yourself! Just for an instance, you know that saree makes you look chubby whereas a gown suits you more as it covers up all your problematic areas! Hence just cause someone wants you to attend the event in saree, don’t curse your body for the unwanted fat that you’ve been blessed with! Wear what you feel your body is comfortable in! Remember this equation! A happy body + A happy mind = A happy soul!

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3. Stop thinking too much !

Often it happens that we follow some diet, or start with a new exercise routine and than expect wonders to work, and if it doesn’t we start worrying about it ! Hell ya! Where m I going wrong, did I do it wrong, this diet worked for her, why isn’t it working for me!?? Did I just eat one extra piece of Pizza ?.. Take a break guys! Things don’t always work the way you think it has too and stressing about it makes it even worse! By worrying about it you’re just making it from bad to worse! For sometime just stop thinking about everything. Just let it go and you too go with the flow! Eventually your graph would definitely move from the plateau stage. Live the moment! Live the body you’re currently blessed with 🤗

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4. Get away from people who body shame you !

It’s good to have friends, but definitely not good to have a company that makes you realise about your flaws every now and then! Omg! You’ve put on so much weight, why don’t you join a gym?.. This dress you’re wearing seems to be an XL right? I always buy M or L you see! You know you should start getting serious about your weight now!! I don’t think you’re going to lose weight in future cause you’ve already crossed the limits!

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Damn! I agree it’s important to have people in your life that shows you the reality, but doing that often just not lowers your self esteem but also a person starts getting anti social then just for the fear of being judged! Hence it’s better to keep such gloominess away from you by avoiding such jerks. You don’t need such negativity in your life. Infact spend more time with people who would motivate you to do better. Those that make you feel body positive, you feel happier when such people are around.

5. Look at the brighter side of it!

Yess guys! Celebrate your body! No matter what size or shape you are embrace it, love it, accept it, respect it and most importantly celebrate it! If you think you are too thin, love the fact that you can fit into almost any type of sexy outfit! On the contrary if you are chubby or healthy, love your curves. Flaunt them with pride as you must be knowing, real men love curves! In short try to see or find a positive thing behind your body! Always remember what you consider a bane for yourself may be a boon for someone else! So appreciate what you’ve been blessed with!

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Self love is the best form of love!

To be honest guys, I can just go on and on when it comes to this topic! Infact 5 ways are just to less to make someone Love your self. Infact there could be endless ways for doing the same right from buying fancy clothes to admiring yourself everyday in the mirror! Guys there’s nothing wrong in self loving. If you don’t love yourself who else would ? Thank god for what you’re blessed with, there are many less fortunate people in this world who are born with disabilities! Consider yourself lucky to be born without such defects. Stop comparing your bodies with others. Moreover stop judging yourself guys! Life just comes once! Celebrate every bit of it!

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Well with this I come to the end of this blog. I hope this blog has enlightened atleast one soul who’s read this till the end ! Simultaneously if you think someone in your surrounding needs to read this, pls feel free to share it with your loved ones with ample of sharing options right at the end of the blog❣ Also don’t forget to show some love in the comments section below 😘 See ya soon with yet another blog, untill than leaving you’ll with the link to my last blog, 5 ways to look stunning in swim wear here !

Finally before I take your leave special thanks to Nandan Naik photography for these amazing clicks! I wouldn’t have looked better if it wasn’t you behind the lens ❣ Guys check out his amazing work here !

Body acceptance Prachi maulingker Naik 10Sayonara ladies! Stay blessed ! Stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😚

Love and lite 💫
Prachi ❤

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