How to use an old saree in a new way – making a lehenga out of saree – The DIY way

Hola my angels ❤ Hope you’ll are doing great as always !! Last time I got a DM on my Instagram handle where someone asked me how do I use my old sarees especially the one’s that are expensive and also we can’t keep repeating them for all events! Being an expensive buy we can’t even do away with them easily. Neither can give it to someone unless you have a big heart! So what do we do now with that old but yet worth gold saree ? The best way to put your old saree in use is transform it into an all together different outfit ladies! There are many ways of doing it ! Here’s one such way to bring your old saree back to life again with a little bit of creativeness and some basic fashion knowledge!

Now here’s a saree which had been a part of my closet since a decade or so and had been one of my fav! But eventually after wearing it a couple of times I couldn’t think of doing it more as it was getting quite repetitive not just for me but also those meeting me for the events! Being close to my heart doing away with it wasn’t an option nor I could see it lying in the wardrobe with little or no hopes of wearing it again! That’s when it struck me of transforming this beauty into a whole new outfit! I din’t had to do much except buying some extra fabrics and some laces!

How to use old saree in a new way!

Saree lehenga pic 1

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Using old saree for making lehenga!

I dint wanted to use the same saree blouse as it would not give a whole new look to the lehenga! So got another fabric in the same shade but with sequences to give it a little blingy look ! If you want to keep it subtle than you can opt for raw silk, brocade designs, bangalori silk or any other fabric depending on your choice! Keep the fabric of the saree in mind! If its chiffon or georgette go for either same fabric or use some other fabric like tissue, tussar or raw silk or even a combination of fabrics for the blouse. Research a bit to know what would work best for your lehenga! Infact you can even make use of saree border for the blouse sleeves or back pattern. Similarly you can even use the pallu part to make the blouse!😁

Saree lehenga pic 3Once you sorted with the blouse, the next critical thing is dupatta! Here you have many options to choose from! Either you can use a part of the saree fabric as duppata by adding it some lace borders. Alternatively you can buy a material that’s completely different from saree fabric and accessorise it! Like the way its done for my lehenga. I’ve got my duppata designed on a net fabric. Towards the edges I’ve used the saree border itself, the reason being I wanted to show that my duppata is in sync with my saree. And to match with the blouse I’ve added some glittery laces as well to the dupatta to make it look fancy!😍

Saree lehenga pic 4Infact if you want to skip the duppata that as well would work great! All you need to do is stitch a little longer blouse or choli that would come almost at the level of your naval. This would give it a crop top lehenga look! Also you won’t have to take all the pain of finding another fabric to match with the lehenga.😊

Saree lehenga pic 5Last but not the least is your lehenga skirt! That’s where your whole saree gets utilised! Your old saree forms the base of your lehenga! The more your saree has got work over it, the more prettier and heavier your lehenga would look! If you want your lehenga to be flare avoid making the dupatta out of the saree as this fabric can be used to give all the flared appearance to the skirt!

Saree lehenga pic 6If its a silk saree don’t forget to add some cancan inside the lehenga as it would give a great look to the outfit! Again you can accessorize the lehenga with some latkans at the side and so on!💕

Saree lehenga pic 7

Saree lehenga pic 8

Using old saree in other ways!

So this is how this lehenga came to existence without my old saree loosing its existence! This lehenga is just an example! You can try out many things out of your old saree! Like for example, you can stitch kurta or kurtis! You can even make long flared skirts out of it! You can even use them for home decor! Similarly you can use them for making rajai or sofa and cushion covers! The more innovative you’ll get the more you’ll find options of using your old saree!

Saree lehenga pic 9So that’s it from this blog 😊 I hope you’ll loved reading it! Do let me know if you have tried anything like this from your old sarees! I would love to read them and definitely try it as well ! And before I sign off, I would love to steal a few more of your minutes to remind you’ll about one of my last blog on smokey eyes using just lipstick and kajal ! Do read it here ! Also you can check out more pics on this look on my Instagram handle !! See ya soon again with the next blog, untill then Sayonara ladies! Stay blessed stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself 😚

Loads of love and lite💫
Prachi 💕

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  1. Ms Via

    I have always thought about making lehenga from my expensive sarees but did have the heart to cut it. But after looking at your beautiful lehenga I am so tempted to do that. It never struck me about making the dupatta from another material and using the border on one side. I will definitely be trying some day. By the way you are looking stunning in all your pictures Prachi. 🙂

    Via |

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