Mistakes you should avoid doing while styling Indian wear!

Hola my angels ❣️ Hope you’ll are doing fab as always. As we all know that wedding season is commencing really soon in India, I’m sure everyone must be having some or the other event to attend. Well with that being said, nothing can replace Indian wear when it comes to looking stunning and gorgeous for wedding functions. But there are certain things which you should keep in mind to make sure you ain’t end up looking like a disco ball for the event. Hence this blog is all about those mistakes you should avoid doing while styling an Indian outfit. So without further jibber-jabber let’s get quickly started with the blog.

1. Do not over accessorize-

Totally agree that Indian functions are all about going glitzy but that doesn’t mean you should be wearing every piece of jewellery that you have. Try to keep the look balanced. If you opt for big chandelier earrings it would be advisable to keep the neck open or vice versa. Wear only what’s needed with the outfit. Overcrowding with loads of accessories will make you look really tacky and over the top! Chocker neckpieces with dainty earrings really look pretty with traditional dresses for girls. You can try them out.

Traditional dresses for girls 1

Traditional dresses for girls 2

2. Do not look repetitive-

Indian style outfitso you so many options to choose from so why not explore them all? You may be someone who loves Anarkali suits but who said you can’t rock a saree? Do not fear to experiment with your style. Try out different options that Indian wear got to offer you! Pakistani suits, lehenga cholis, dhoti sarees, half sarees, and the list goes on and on. In fact, you can check out these traditional dresses for girls, I’m sure you’ll find many fashion tips to choose from here!

Traditional dresses for girls 3Traditional dresses for girls 4

3. Avoid looking EXTRA –

Only if you understand what I mean by looking extra in this context! So there’s a very thin line between looking sexy and vulgar. So irrespective of what sort of  Glamorous outfit  you choose, make  sure you know how to strike the balance between these two things.

For instance, if you choli is backless, then you can keep the front side of the blouse in high neck style or boat neck Just to balance out the whole look. This way you can avoid any mishaps as well with your outfits.

Traditional dresses for girls 4

Traditional dresses for girls 6


4.  Do not overdo your makeup-

Undoubtedly you need to look your best for these events but make sure your make up is not looking cakey or too bright for your skin tone. Usually, dewy subtle makeup really goes well with traditional dresses for girls as these dresses are already quite heavy and hence less is more with such dresses. Here’s an easy tutorial by Sonam Kapoor for such makeup look.

Traditional dresses for girls 7

Traditional dresses for girls 8
5. Avoid uncomfortable shoes-

As we all know that Indian functions are often quite lengthy and there’s loads of running around involved hence it’s always better you choose shoes that are comfortable and can help bear all the weight without much pain. Block heels, wedges, look really cool with traditional dresses for girls. Even juttis is a great option with such outfits and they are comfortable as well when it comes to moving aroundthroughout the whole function.

Prachi Maulingker Naik Indian outfit 2

Traditional dresses for girls 9

So that’s all from this blog people! I hope you’ll find this blog useful and do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you’ll! See ya super soon with a brand new blog. Till then keep rocking!

Stay blessed, stay BE-YOU- TIFUL and don’t forget to love yourself first😘

Love & Lite ✨

Prachi ❣️

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