My daily skin care routine 

Hi my angels ! Hope you’ll are doing as fab and great as I’m 😍

Today I’m come up with a blog on my daily skin care routine that I follow for my skin! The reason behind doing this blog and vlog is that I’ve been getting many dms on my instagram handle asking to share the products I use for my skin care! Though was a bit personal but then thought why not share with you guys if this can be beneficial to you’ll as well 😍

Being a woman we all know that beautiful skin doesn’t happen by chance!! It’s all about maintaining a balance between healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and off course pampering your skin ❤

Especially after a woman crosses her late 20s, your skin needs that extra attention and care since the cell renewal process slows done !

This is the time you need to be extra concerned about your skin since this is when your skin problems like ageing, fine lines, wrinkles start showing up!

This pic below is purely my real skin without any makeup and filters !

So finally it’s time to reveal my skin secrets to you’ll 😜

So let’s go step by step !

1. Cleansing – The very first step in skin care routine is cleansing ! Cleansing is very important to remove your make up and dirt you’ve been carrying on your face all day long ! The cleanser I love using is Rose and jasmine face cleanser from kama Ayurveda!


This cleanser is free from any chemicals and leaves a mild fragrance after you cleanse your face ❤

Check out my my daily skin care routine video for its pricing and other details !!

P.S – every twice a week I exfoliate my skin using a scrub to take off any dead cell and skin debris . But make sure you don’t do it more then twice a week as it may damage your skin. Scrub I use is apricot scrub from patanjali!

2. Toning – Next very important step after cleansing is toning! Toning helps to relax and cool your skin down so that it’s gets rejuvenated ! When selecting your toner it’s important to keep your skin type in mind. I use a combination of two toners for my skin.

Toner no 1 – The first toner I use is organic harvest green cucumber toner. This toner is alcohol free and is enriched with the goodness of cucumber thus leaving my skin soft and smooth.


Toner no 2 – The second toner i use is a pure rose water face and body mist from kama Ayurveda again! This mist is made from extracts of roses which leaves my skin very fresh and fragrant ! Rose water being an astringent helps to restore natural pH of the skin there by leaving it visibly fresh!

For pricing and how to use details you can check out my daily skin care routine video

3. Hydration – The next step in my routine is hydration. Incase you are of the oily skin types then you may skip this step. The product I use at this step is a green tea moisture essence from innisfree which is a Korean skin care product. This product is enriched with green tea extracts and the goodness of which leaves your skin hydrated all day long!

Though this product is a bit priced but a pea size quantity is all you need hence one bottle goes a long way!

Check out my skincare routine video for more details of this product.

4. Serum – This step is just an extension of the previous step ! This is considered to be one crucial step in Korean skin care routine so now you know the secret behind glowing skin of Korean women!!

Serum adds an additional moisture to your skin thus leaving your skin with a dewy finish. With lots of to-be-brides these days going for a dewy look makeup, just add this one step in your morning routine and you can have a dewy look effortlessly without any makeup !

The product I love using is innisfree green Tea seed serum again a Korean product ! Made from pure green tea extracts it’s rich in antioxidants thus leaving your skin fresh and so soft to touch !

Though this bottle is highly priced but I can swear by this product since my skin simply loves it ❤

Check out my Daily skin care routine video for complete details of this product !

P.S – Every twice a week I do one more step post serum and that’s sheet masks. These are yet again Korean product that gives instant glow to your skin. Currently they are selling like hot cakes in the market !! The best part is that they are travel friendly and there is no hassles of washing off the mask post application !

They are available in many options, what I personally loved was the below rice sheet mask from the face shop !!!

Check them out in my daily skin care routine video


5. Eye care – The most critical and sensitive skin on our face is the under eye skin and needs extra care then the rest of the skin. For my under eyes I prefer using VLCC almond under eye cream !

This cream reduces dark circles and puffiness thus giving fresh looking eyes every morning !

Just apply dab it under your eyes and work it out in circular motion massaging it gently into your skin till it gets completely absorbed.

For application and other details check out my daily skin care routine video

6. Moisturization – It’s very important to lock in all the moisture from the above steps into your skin using the right moisturizing cream.

I prefer your olay moisturizing cream since this cream is non greasy and I love it’s consistency. It’s neither very thick nor too slimy on the skin.

P.S – I repeat all these steps in my bed time skin routine except for step 6 where I replace olay moisturising cream with olay anti ageing night cream.

7. Lipcare – Coming towards the last but the most important part of our face rather the most active is our lips. Lip care is something which can’t be skipped in your daily routine .

For my lips I love using maybelline baby lips lip balm. I have been using this balm from ages and simply can’t do without it.

You can make out from the state of my lip balm in the below pic how much I abuse it 🙈

It not only moisturises my lips but also gives it a slight pinkish or reddish look which I love wearing especially on my no lipstick kinda mood days 😜

For the entire video on my skin care routine you can check it out on my YouTube channel simply pretty at skin care routine 

Most importantly I would like to mention here is this blog is not in collaboration with any beauty products brands or beauty products shopping sites. I have purchased these products on my own and shared my own personal experiences with each of these!

So that’s all from this blog ! I hope you’ll enjoyed reading this too 😍

Any queries any doubts just mention in the comment section below and I’ll answer them 😍

Take care peeps ! C ya soon again back with something more interesting and exciting ! Until then sayonara ❤

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