Mystique white saree look!!!

Hola my angels !! Back with yet another saree blog! Honestly speaking this wasn’t planned at all untill I spotted a white saree in my closet! India being a country thats rich in colors and vibrancies on one hand, while on the other, a widow in some parts of India is suppose to wear a white saree through out her life!

The white color dilemma !!

While in west a bride walks down the aisle in a beautiful white dress; At the same time in our country white is especially reserved for funerals and widows as its considered to be a color for mourning.

White in India is considered to be an inauspicious color so much so that wearing white on important occasions is considered to be simply blasphemous unless you team it up with red or maroon color. Not to forget here, infact Kerala is the only state in India where ladies wear white sarees (with gold border) for marriages or any of their religious events. This is because these colors are associated with lord vishnu whom they worship on onam!!

Why I chose a white saree!!

Coming back to my white saree , being newly married two years back, I simply disowned this saree for quite sometime to avoid being questioned. Just a couple of days back I happened to notice it while arranging my wardrobe which made me realise that I’m being unfair with the saree as well as my personal opinions!!

Society has set its own norms for us while its upto us to which level we wish to abide by them. According to me white is the purest of all colors and hence is a great source of positivity. It symbolises peace and serenity! White unlike other colors gives you a divine and furthermore a pristine look which brings out the best in you!!

My white saree deets !!

Coming to my saree, this one’s a tissue material that’s kinda see through. It has a lovely black velvet embroidery all over and a delicate silver border! This beauty remained untouched for more than half a decade I suppose for whatsoever reason it may be. Yet it remains to be one of my fav 😍

Styling my white saree!!

I preferred to go minimal with accessories as well as my make up! Just the silver and pearl jhumkas to lift the look and I’m very much done with the accessories ! This saree actually gives me some kinda retro vibes because of the blouse design which actually resembles the ones worn by actresses in 70s and 80s; and I guess you would agree with me on this 😄

Why you should choose a white saree!!

2018’s rulling color pallete is white ladies!  Hence be bold, do away with all superstitions and go pick yourself a white saree! Lace, net, silk, georgette, chiffon … dare to experiment with whites!! Let them be in combination with some other color or even just plain white may be with a contrast designer blouse! You can shop a saree similar to what I’m wearing from here!

So the next time you wear a white saree for a wedding or any auspicious occasion and some one comes up to you asking why white??? Just ask them why not ???

That’s all from this blog ladies!! As always the pic credits to this blog goes to my dearest hubby! He’s efforts are reflecting in the pics 💕 I Hope you’ll loved reading this blog !! I’ve just put forth my opinion and thoughts and have no intentions of hurting anyone’s religious sentiments.

See ya soon again with something new for the next weekend! Please keep showing your love to my blogs. Like, share, twit, all the call to action buttons are right below the blog so please show some love 💖

Before I take your leave, I will leave you’ll with the link to my last blog, 10 tips to look sexy in sarees here!!

Sayonara ladies untill we meet again!! Stay beautiful!! Stay blessed !! Keep loving yourself 😘
Love and lite 💫
Prachi ❤

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  1. Kamlesh

    I think u make saree so beautiful……as u handle it very precisely….because of your beauty saree seems to be attractive.

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