Neutriderm skin whitening creme – Review

Hola my angels ❤ Hope you’ll are doing fab and fantastic as always! Now before I start with this blog, let me tell you guys that I’m always extra careful and cautious when it comes to my skin and never try anything that’s not apt for my skin nor recommend products that aren’t convincing to me! Being an influencer it’s my prime responsibility to recommend genuine products that I can swear by! And Neutriderm skin whitening creme is one such product I can blindly trust when it comes to my skin!

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Neutriderm skin whitening creme key benefits!

• Neutriderm skin whitening creme is an Australian product that’s effective in reducing appearance of dark spots, dark circles, age spots or any other kind of pigmentation on your skin!
• It helps restore the skin’s natural colour and tone.
• It is Hydroquinone free, it is safe to apply anywhere on the face and body!
• Best part of Neutriderm skin whitening creme is that it is suitable for all skin types!
• Increases hydration and adds softness to skin thus leaving it soft and supple!
• It is non greasy and very light on skin without leaving it oily or sticky!

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How to use Neutriderm skin whitening creme!

• You need to use this creme twice a day to see visible results. Use it for minimum 30 to 90 days for best results.
• If you are using it during the day time make sure you cleanse your face with any cleanser of your choice that works best for you. Once you are done with cleansing just take pea size quantity of the product and apply it to the effected areas and gently massage it in for 5 to 10 mins for better absorption of the product into your skin. Follow it with a sunscreen to avoid any further damage to your skin from the UV rays!
• If you using it during night time you can skip the last step of using the sunscreen.

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My experience with the Neutriderm skin whitening creme!

It’s been almost two weeks now that I’ve started using this creme and I can notice the difference in my skin! It is visibly clearer and my pimple scars are considerably reduced. Also I’ve tried using this creme as my makeup base and it works perfectly fine! It provides a smooth even looking base for your makeup just like any other primer and hence you can even use it to prep your face before makeup! Also it doesn’t have any side effects unlike other medical creme and hence completely safe to use!

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Where can I find it ?

You can find this creme at any pharmacies or medical stores! They are also available at skin clinics! You can also purchase them online on Amazon, Flipkart and retails at 1850/- Rs. Here’s a direct link to purchase this product!

Buy this creme! 

Neutriderm skin whitening cream 6So that’s all from this beauty blog! I hope you’ll loved reading this one 😊 Incase you have any queries regarding Neutriderm skin whitening creme pls feel free to ask in the comment section below and I would definitely try to answer them all 😊 Also if you’ve used this product before than do share your experiences too.

Neutriderm skin whitening cream 7Before I sign off leaving you’ll with the link to my last blog on reasons to buy a net saree here! Do give it a read 😚

See ya soon ladies with the next blog! Untill than Sayonara! Stay blessed! Stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 💖

Love and lite 💫

Prachi ❤

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