Party gown – Tips and tricks for styling a party gown!

Hola my angels!! Well every time I decide I’m going go stick to my routine of two blogs per week and sadly that doesn’t happen! 😔 Wish creating content rather good content was that easy as it seems to be😑 Nevertheless here’s a brand new blog for you’ll my loves !! I’m sure almost each one of you must be having atleast one party gown or party wear in your wardrobe if not many ! And this blog is all about the tips and tricks on styling party gowns 😍 I’m sure this is definitely something that would make your life easier the next time you plan to wear one! So here are some basic and some thumb rules that I would share with you’ll!

1. Right amount of skin show!

Yep !!! The very basic yet the most crucial rule!! Show only one thing at s time. If you are wearing a party gown or dress that’s off shoulder or tube neck, make sure you don’t show off too much of your legs! Viceversa if you are wearing an outfit that has a big slit or widely open at the legs, opt for a halter neck or even high neck.. Being classy is always all about showing the right amount of skin ☺

Party gown pic 8

2. The shoe game !

Now that you know you are going to wear an outfit that’s meant for party, flats are a big no !!! Never do the mistake of pairing your party gown with flats. No matter what height you have, always make sure you choose atleast 2inch heels to club with it! Preferably choose high heel nude pumps or closed shoes of right colour choice for that perfect dress to kill look 😍

Party gown pic 7

3. Never miss a clutch!

No matter how pretty you may look in your outfit, never ever miss to carry your favourite clutch along ! Not just accommodates your basics but also gives your outfit a great look ! A beautiful stone studded clutch can lift the look of any simple party gown! You would find a great range of clutches in the market with while lot of options to spoil you for choices.

Party gown pic 6

4. Hair styling !!

There’s no hard and fast rule for what type of hairstyle should go well with your party gown. Some of the best options would be a side messy bun, a centre low bun, high ponytail look or even curls can look smashing! Basically pick up a hairstyle based on your face cut! You’d be the right person to know what would look best on you !

Party gown pic 5

5. Accesorizing the party gown!

The key here is to know your gown first ! If your going to wear a high neck party gown, there’s no point of investing in a huge big neckpiece. High neck gowns can be paired with chandelier earrings probably with diamonds and pearls or any precious stones of your choice! Likewise for an off shoulder gown, you can definitely choose a big neckpiece without any second thought! For those who like to keep it simple can opt for dainty earrings or Swarovski crystals for sober elegant look !

Party gown pic 4

6. Pastels are the new sexy!

Gone are those days when solids colors used to be the preferred choice when selecting a party gown !! 2018 is the year for pastel shades! No wonder why you would see so many brides opting for peach, cream or other pastel shades as their party outfit color! Pastel colors not just look pretty but also they add a bit of more feminism to your outfit! Plus they look so fresh that you really don’t need a lot of accessories to add to the dress!

Party gown pic 3

7. Makeup is a must!

A party gown is never complete without putting on some makeup for the evening ! Makeup can either make or break the whole look ! Make sure you get it done right to avoid looking over dress or under dressed for the party ! Some party makeup essentials are smokey eyes, if you really don’t like them than atleast a single shade eye makeup is a must ! Dramatic eyes are always in when going for a party ! Similarly Lipstick is also very much essential. If u going for subtle eyemake go for bold lips and incase you opt for dramatic eye make up than choose to go for nude lips! Highlighting , contouring is also something that would look great for your party look!

Party gown pic 2

Styling my Party gown !!

So Ladies these were some of my tips that I personally follow when wearing a party gown. Coming to the look I’m flauting in these pictures, the party gown I’m wearing is from rent an attire! The gold pearl studded earrings are from jewel crown. I Preferred to go simple with my makeup as I was shooting outdoor for this look so dint wanted my face to turn cakey since the sun was harsh! For more pics on this look you can check out my Instagram handle @prachi_maulingker!

Party gown pic 1

That’s it from this blog ladies! I hope this would be useful for you’ll in future and incase you have anything to share on this topic please do drop your thoughts in the comments below! I would love to read them 😊

Also leaving you’ll with the link to my last blog on how to use an old saree in a new way here ! Sayonara ladies!! See ya soon in my next blog ! Untill than stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself 😘

Love & lite 💫
Prachi 💕

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