Photoshoot tips- How to look confident in pictures !!

Heya!! How’s you doing fam 😘 Hope you guys are doing as awesome as always!! Well well well with almost a year now being into blogging, thought why not share something interesting related to getting yourself clicked for pictures! Being a fashion blogger, there’s always a need to be in front of the camera very frequently trying to look my best in the pictures! And trust me guys this isn’t easy as it looks in the picture or photoshoot!

When I decided to get into blogging around a year back, I wasn’t at all confident with my body language nor my poses and pictures would come out bad ! It took me almost 6 months to learn the tactics to pose confidently in front of the camera! Even today I don’t think I’m at my best when it comes to shooting or taking pictures for my blog photoshoot ! But yes offcourse I can see a whole lot of difference in my pics now and than! So here’s a guide on how to look confident in pictures and pose like a professional during a photoshoot!

1. Understand your angles!!

Everyone has a particular profile in which their pictures come Good! So it’s important for you to know which is your best profile when you take pictures! It’s gonna be either your left or your right profile ! So before you go in front of the cam, take a look in the mirror! Practice for a while posing in front of the mirror ! That would boost your confidence when you actually face the cam. Also your hairstyle matters when taking pictures! So make sure you take that too into consideration when posing for a photoshoot!

Photoshoot tips 1

2. Smile naturally !

Faking a smile is not gonna give you any great pictures, infact you picture would never connect with the viewer! So try be as much natural as possible! Don’t over do it! If possible try to smile through your eyes ! That’s the best way to look naturally beautiful in pictures! Relax a bit, take few moments, think of something pleasant and just be as natural as you can be!

Photoshoot tips 2

3. Wear comfortable clothes for photoshoot!

Now this goes without saying ! How would you look confident if you aren’t wearing comfy outfits ??? It’s not bad to experiment with outfits but make sure that nervousness isn’t seen on your face! Wear something that would boost your confident! That would make you pose like a pro!!! I personally love to shoot outfits that add to my confidence level! Hence dressing smart is the key to look confident in pictures!

Photoshoot tip 3

4. Looking away from camera!

Now this doesn’t apply always! But yes this might work for you many a times ! Especially on days when you are new to posing and nervous to face the camera! Try looking away from the cam so that you are less conscious and also the pictures are looking pretty! This not just adds to the variations in poses but also reduces your anxiety when you are facing the camera for the first time!

Photoshoot tips 4

5. Know your photog!

Who would be comfortable in shooting with a person who you haven’t even interacted with once! Atleast not me ! It’s always a good idea to connect with your photographer or the team before you actually plan a photoshoot ! This would not just make you feel comfortable but also help you’ll in understanding what you guys are expecting from each other! Also you would definitely save a lot of time as well on the shoot day as you guys would be aware of what exactly you’ll want from the shoot !

Photoshoot tips 5

6. Try to wear heels!

Now this is completely my personal funda!! If you notice most of my blogs I never miss on wearing heels! Somehow heels add a lot of confidence in me. For me this has worked most of the times! When I wear heels it boost up my confidence to the next level ! It adds to my body language ! I feel strong and the same reflects in my pics too ! I honestly can’t explain the logic behind this but just that it works with me so thought of sharing it with you’ll too!

Photoshoot tips 6

7. Try sitting poses !

Now let’s be honest here ! Many a times it happens that we are more comfortable sitting rather than standing for pictures ! Also there are a lot of variations that you can try when sitting as well ! When you sit strong you appear more confident and eventually that reflects in your pictures! Obviously the photog would definitely help you in positioning!

Photoshoot tips 7

8. Consider taking moving shots!

This can be anything ! I mean try to imitate that you are doing some activity like maybe walking or having a look at your phone, or even adjusting your watch strap! It won’t look posed and also you won’t have to worry about getting those perfect expressions as it would look like a candid shot! Like for example for this pic I was pretending to adjust my hair looking sideways!

Photoshoot tips 8

9. Try crossing your legs !!

If you are being shot head on , that’s right from the front, like in street photography, try crossing your legs from the calf! This would make your hips look narrow and legs look longer! This pose also works when sitting! It also adds a structure to your body and you appear more confident in the pictures!

Photoshoot tips 9

10. Ignore the world!

Many a times it would happen that there would be many people around when you are getting photographed, and there would be that little voice in your head saying what would people think about me, or why are they starring at me, m I looking funny when posing ! It’s time to ignore everything and just be yourself ! It’s your job to make yourself comfortable! It may even happen that people aren’t even bothered and it’s just you who’s been conscious about it! So just let go all such insecurities and be confident from within! That’s gonna reflect in your pictures !

Photoshoot tips 10So ladies I guess I’ve covered the major pointers here! These are the ones I’ve been following from past one year and trust me I did find a lot of difference in my pictures! I’m sure you also might be having something like this to share with me ! I would love to give them a read! Pls do drop them in the comments below 😊

Also I had done a similar blog last week on how to hide your body flaws and look slim in photos! If you haven’t checked it out then here’s the link to the blog! I’m glad that Many actually found those hacks useful ✌ coming up with content is something I love doing for you fam! 😙

Also don’t forget to check out my Instagram handle @prachi_maulingker for more pics on this look !
I hope you’ll enjoyed reading it !! See ya soon again with a new blog untill than Sayonara ladies!! Stay blessed!! Stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first !!

Much love & lite 💫

Prachi 💖

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