Plain sarees styling ideas!

Hola my Angels ❣ Hope you’ll are doing fab as always 🙂 As you all know how much I love wearing sarees, thought why not dedicate one more blog towards my eternal love for this six yards of sheer elegance! This times it’s all about plain sarees 🙂

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Playing with sarees have always been my all time favourite activity and I thoroughly enjoy doing it!  Especially when it comes to plain sarees, I love the fact that they are so much fun to experiment with. Also another interesting fact is that, there is a minimum chance of going wrong with styling them. And hence plain sarees are the safest bet when it comes to styling.

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In this blog I’ll be sharing a few tips/ pointers on how to style a plain saree for that ultimate diva look! Let’s just dive straight into the blog.

1. Blouse colour-

Plain sarees often look good when paired with a printed/heavy embroidered blouse. The simplicity of the saree is perfectly balanced out by the richness of the blouse. While selecting the blouse there are a few things to keep in mind. If the saree has a border, then go with a blouse that matches the border. Likewise if the saree is totally plain or in single tone, you get the liberty of choosing either a multi coloured blouse or any other contrast color to match the saree.

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2. Blouse types for plain sarees-

You can also experiment with blouse styles like long sleeves, shirt blouses, full length blouses, ruffle blouses, chinese collar blouses and much more 🙂 avoid styling a plain saree with a plain blouse for obvious reasons that it would look quite monotonous and there would not be any wow factor in your look that would make you stand out in the crowd!

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3. Jewellery –

Your jewellery can either make or break the look. Incase if you are going in with a busier blouse, make sure you opt for light simple jewellery! Likewise if you choose to wear really simple blouse, you can go in with chunky statement jewellery to enhance the whole look of the saree.

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4. Clutches –

Styling your saree with beautiful ethnic clutches can also work wonders for your saree look. From normal studded clutches to potli bags, to envelop bags, they all can up your saree game instantaneously.  Plain sarees can be easily go well with multi color or contrast color clutches / bags for the fact that they blend in really well with plain sarees!

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5. Kamarbandh / waist chain –

If you wish to take your plain saree to another level, then this is your secret weapon. Waist chain is one such accessory I can swear by, when it comes to looking sexy in sarees. So team it up with  your plain saree and there you go! Deadliest combination ever ❣

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So that’s it from this blog people! These are my 5 proven, tried and tested tips/ ways which I personally follow when wearing plain sarees! Hope you’ll loved reading them. Also do let me know your personal tips/ tricks that you follow when styling a plain saree in the comments section below. I would love reading them 🙂

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And the gorgeous saree you see me wearing here is from my very own brand, House of sachi! You can check our collection here !

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And not to forget a big big big thank you to Pixel Pune Photography for these amazing pics and for making me look so pretty in them 😍

Also before I sign off, leaving you’ll with the link to my last blog on ethnic  wear styling tips and tricks that went up here a couple of days back! Do give it a read 🙂

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See ya soon with a new blog guys, untill than sayonara! Stay blessed Stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😊

Love and lite💫😊

Prachi ❣

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