Satin saree – Reasons to buy a satin saree!

Howdy guys !! Hope you’ll are doing great as always.😁 Missed coming up with a blog last week as I was on vacation and who works on a vacay ?? 😉 Well jokes apart this week I’m back with yet another Indian fashion blog for you’ll my loves. The last one being a beauty blog on 10 tips for that perfect eye makeup which I’m sure you must have read, if you haven’t here’s the link! I’ve always been a sucker for satin and having it in sarees is something I couldn’t miss on! Satin saree is pure madness when it comes to looking seductive and hot 😍 So now you know why I chose to blog on these. 😄

Satin saree 1

The following reasons are just not enough to justify for having them in your closet, nevertheless these are my top 5 reasons to have them in my saree game! So lets get started.

Satin saree 2

1. Satin saree for looking thin !

Reason number one also being one of the most important reason why you should adorn a satin saree is they make you look slim! Isn’t that a blessing for us ladies ? Satin being a fabric that hugs your body, would anytime be my first choice when I want to look thin and slim on those special occasions! Unlike cotton or silk, satin sarees have a great fall and hence gives a great structure to your body!

Satin saree 3

2. Accentuates your curves !

Do I need to elaborate this one ?? 😉 As mentioned in point no 1 satin sarees make you look thin and also curvy thus highlighting your body curves! Satin and sexiness has always gone hand in hand be it your night wear, lingerie or your sarees! It goes without saying that the more your saree holds on to your body, the more sexy it looks !😍 So now you know the secret why Anushka Sharma or Deepika Padukone looks so hot while dancing in snow with satin sarees!

Satin saree 4

3. Look tall with satin saree!

Now again this too goes without saying, the thinner you look, the taller you appear! Satin sarees are very much body loving and stick to your body so well that it creates an illusion of appearing taller than you actually are. This is irrespective of any body type you may have. When wearing a satin saree you’ll always look taller than usual ! Don’t trust my words? Try it out yourself to believe me !!

Satin saree 5

4. Easily manageable !

What I mean here is they are really super easy to carry as compared to the rest of the saree types! The fabric itself is quite light weight, secondly unlike other sarees they are quite easy and quick to drape as the fabric has good fall so pleating becomes quite easy and hassel free.
Once all set, satin saree remains perfectly in place even after hours of wearing it! This makes it super convenient to carry for those long day events and functions!Satin saree 6

5. Never goes out of trend!

Yeah !! I mean it ladies! You can just see the past trend! Satin sarees have been flaunted by actresses in early 80s and even today you see them being worn by celebs! It’s a fashion statement that hasn’t changed over decades! So you need not worry about your satin saree being out of fashion, where you would have to dump it in your closet 😉

Satin saree 7

Satin saree – More reasons to buy a satin saree!

These being the major reasons for having a satin saree in your closet, there are a few other points as well which I think gives me more reasons to buy some more satin sarees! These being a)They occupy very less space in your closet thus making room for some more.

Satin saree 8b) On days like when you are running late and got no time to iron, just pick up a satin saree and your sorted as they hardly need ironing.

Satin saree 9c) Needs very less accessories, being classy in its own they don’t need heavy accessories to go with them.

d) Can be worn as a casual wear as well as formal wear. Super cool right ?

Satin saree 10Well I’m so obsessed with them that my reasons to have them would never end. 😃 I’m sure these are good enough to convince you’ll to have one for yourself in your closet! This is all from this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it! You can check out my instagram handle for more pics on this look ! Do drop in your thoughts on having satin sarees in your collection. I would love to have some more reasons to buy some more  satin sarees.😃

See ya soon with another blog, untill than sayonara, stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself. 😘

Love and lite💖


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  1. Ms Via

    Even I was on vacation for a long time and now catching up on things I have missed. 🙂 I am a big fan of satin sarees. I have so many in my collection back home. These look very sexy and beautiful. I specially love the different patters of blouses that you make. It adds so much oomph to the saree. Very pretty. 🙂

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