Scarf Game Part II

Hi my beauties !!! Hope you’ll are doing fab !! As promised in my last blog Scarf Game I’m back again with part II of the scarf blog. I hope you’ll enjoyed reading my last blog on styling scarf over a dress, though the previous blog focused more on easy and quick ways that required minimal time and efforts , this one’s gonna be a level up and I’m sure you guys gonna love this as much as I loved filming this one for you’ll 😍😍

I tried my best to create 4 casual looks on jeans in this blog which I guess who suit every body type and would just need one normal daily wear scarf which I suppose everyone would definitely have in their closet !! So girls let’s get started without any further delays😍

Look no 1.

This is a very basic look which you can wear over anything like a tank top , a sleeveless tee or even a mini as well as a midi dress ! Here the scarf is used as an outer wear or a shrug and gives the much needed oomph to the whole look! So the next time you planning to wear anything from the above options don’t forget to try this look 😍

Look no 2.

Coming to this look , trust me girls I can swear by this one b’cause personally this one’s my all time favorite 😍 and I love to wear this one very often with different colors of scarfs cos it add so much variety to your wardrobe !!!

This look can turn heads as u walk as it gives you a very glam and sexy look ! This look can be tried over jeans, or a mini skirt and also over a shorts !! I don’t need to describe this much as the pics says it all 😍

Get this super glam look in jus two mins from this video 👉 scarf game part ll

Look no 3.

To sum up this look in one word I would call this is a kimono style or a poncho look that I have tried to create with a scarf! I’m a big time kimono lover and love to wear stuff thats little loose and comforting especially if you gonna carry it whole day long! The best part of this look is that it’s perfect for summers as well as winters as it gives the much needed easy breezy feel as well as warmth to the body !!

Get this japanese look in this link 👉scarf game part ll

Look no 4.

This look is kinda similar to the first one except that this gives you the appearance of a slimmer upper body especially the chest. This look is ideal for those who are heavier on their upper body as this would give you a slim looking upper body !

This look can be tried on normal jeans the way I did or even on a beach wear if u don’t wish to show much of your skin as this look rightly covers your much needed back portion and showing only the required amount of skin!

Here’s where you can see how to get this look 👉 scarf game part ll

Well, with this ends my scarf hacks blog!! Have tried to keep all the looks simple so that every girl can relate to it and try them atleast once !! Hope you guys loved this one too and if you did pls don’t forget to show some love through comments and shares as this would inspire me to come up with something new for u guys the next time around !!

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See you soon guys with a new blog until then stay blessed and stay beautiful ❤❤

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  1. angelawinstead

    Nice to see your blog. This is the first time I am visiting this blog prachi but wanted to tell you that you are really doing good. You have a good sense of choosing cool outfit. Color combinations are also simple and very attractive. The scarf color is very attracting one, must like to say that you look very attractive with this scarf. It suits you very much. Anyway thanks for the outfit ideas. Keep blogging with new tips and styling ides. Going here

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