Secrets every woman should know to look and feel young!

Hola my angels!!! Being regular with my blogs is now become a habit and I try my best not to delay them as I also thoroughly enjoy penning down my thoughts for you guys ❤ So I hope you guys are having an amazing October month with winters coming up really shortly! And before you guys even mention yes I’ll be coming up with a winter skincare tips and winter look book too soooooooooon! This time around I chose to blog about few tips that I follow to keep my self looking and off course feeling young 💖

Many of you’ll asked to blog on this topic and here I’m with the blog on public demand 🤗 They say a woman is just like wine! The more they age the better they get! I’m sure many of you’ll would definitely agree with me on this! Though ageing brings along many concerns like skin issues, physical and mental health issues but it’s upto us how we combat these issues and stay young and fit no matter what age you reach! So here’s my top 10 secrets or rather practices that I follow to keep my self youthful and energetic always 😊

1. Water water and some more water !

The benefits of water are no secrets and everyone on this earth knows why water is so essential to us! Our skin is roughly made up of 65% water and hence when we are dehydrated our skin starts sagging, wrinkles and fine lines start appearing! Eventually out skin looses its glow and appear dry and dull! This in turn makes you look old and who would like that? Hence make sure you are gulping down atleast 6 to 8 glasses of water every day for optimal benefits for that beautiful youthful and fresh looking skin!

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2. The power of Yoga !

Now this is my go for fitness! Yoga not just refreshes my body but also lights up my mood, makes me feel more relaxed, reduces stress level and I feel all the more calm and composed! Yoga is one of the best practice to follow for overall health and mental well being ! The more stress free you get the better you feel and ultimately make you appear young! No matter how you feel or how much time you have atleast 15 to 20 mins a day dedicated to yoga would make you feel all the more better and re- energized!

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3. Green tea to look young !

Green tea is not just your companion in weight loss journey but also it offers endless benefits when it comes to looking youthful! The polyphenols that are found in green tea are have the ability to lighten age spots and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Infact nowadays there are ample cosmetics and products in the market like face serums, moisturizers and night creams that contain green tea for topical application.

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4. Choose the right perfume !

Your perfume says a lot about you from musky woody scents to fresh citruses, the choice is endless! As we mature our senses do too, your taste may change and your perfume choice may need an update! As woman gets older, the hormonal changes that occur in our body reflect how well a musky leathery scent will sit on our body! In such cases It’s always a safe bet to opt for bright fresher more floral scents to make you feel and smell young too 😊

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5. Sleeping on silk pillow !

To be honest I never believed in this initially and mocked at it when I first heard of this ! But when I actually tried replacing my pillow cover with a silk one it actually showed some difference! The epitomy of luxury, a 100% pure silk pillow cover can be incredibly useful in preventing wrinkles ! A harsh cotton one will crease under you as you toss and turn but a slippery silk case won’t leave marks or dents as you rest resulting in smoother appearing skin! It will also keep your hair smoother for longer! Added bonus right ??

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6. Use sunscreen everyday!

Ageing id directly related to sun damage! only way to prevent premature ageing is to use an SPF everyday! Go for a broad spectrum cover of atleast SPF30 to prevent further sun damage! If possible whenever you go out in harsh sun try using a scarf or hat to cause minimal damage to your skin! Prevention is always better than cure you see!

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7. Adding fish to your diet!

Now I don’t urge you to turn a nonvegeterian but yes those who have fish in their diet stand a better chance to stay beautiful and young forever! Fishes like salmon are rich in DMAE, a compound that boosts muscle tone and is one of the most widely used ingredients in those expensive anti ageing skin creme! Eating such fish twice a week offers similar benefits there keeping you young and glowing no matter what age you are at !

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8. Dress your age!

When I say dress your age what I mean is stay updated about the trends! It’s not necessary you should wear exactly the same outfit like a vogue magazine cover model! But atleast dress smart! Try out new fashions that are trending! To feel young at heart you need to dress young! Be smart enough to judge what trend would look good on you and what not! Dressing up rightly is one of the best way to stay young and look young too 😊 update your closet! Do away with clothes that may you feel dull and old! Replace them with some fresh trendy bright stuff that’s in fashion.

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9. Little makeup doesn’t hurt!

Definitely your skin won’t be the same that it was in your teens and early twenties! Makeup cannot change it but yes it can definitely make it look better than ugly! Conceal those under eye bags with a concealer, add in some blush for those pink looking cheeks! Add a pop of color to your lips! Try colourful eyeliners! Makeup is one of the best tool to make you feel good about yourself. And a feel good factor is a must if you wish to look and feel young!

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10. Smile wide!

Now this may sound weird but yes smiling can make you feel younger and it’s been backed up with a research! A study was conducted where young, middle age and older individuals were asked to guess the age of the models with different facial expressions! Neutral expressions yielded the most accurate results and fearful expressions made subject look older! Happy faces were rated younger than they really were! So now that you know, please flash a big smile 😁

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So Ladies these were my secrets to look and to feel young no matter how many birthdays I celebrate! Always remember AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! If you feel young at heart you would definitely look young ! Learn to find happiness in doing small things, enjoy small moments, worry less, live with no regrets and eventually you’ll start feeling young 🤗

Young looking tips by Prachi Maulingker Naik 1So I hope you guys loved reading this one! Hopefully you found atleast one secret from here that’s worth giving a shot! Before I take your leave here’s a link to my latest beauty blog on review for Neutriderm skin whitening creme! Also you can join me in and be a part of my Instagram family at Prachi_maulingker !

See ya soon ladies with a new blog ! Untill than Sayonara ladies 😚 Stay beautiful ! Stay blessed and don’t forget to love yourself first 😚

Love and lite 💫
Prachi 💖

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