Shapewear selection tips and tricks!

Hola my angels ❣ Hope you’ll are doing great! Well, we are almost nearing year end and I’m sure everyone must be busy gearing up for Christmas or new year eve! With that being said, it’s quite obvious each one of us would want to look good and sexy in those special dresses 😉 But wait, are you worried about that little extra fat that’s ruining your outfit? Not any more! Mr. Shapewear is here for your rescue!

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Just the way you have Instagram filters to make your pictures look good, similarly you’ve got the miraculous shapewears to make you look toned and sexy in those pictures! And trust must ladies, it’s one of the best quick fix to those problem areas that probably even your gym trainer can’t take care of! All you need to know is using them in the right way and that’s what this blog is all about!

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I’ll be putting up few basic pointers here that would help you to pick up the right shapewear for you, thereby letting you live out your inner Kim Kardashian fantasies 😄

1. Know your body flaws!

First thing first! The reason you buying a shapewear is to fix your body flaws, so it all begins with identifying your problematic areas. For some it can be the waist, whereas for others it can be the thighs and butt and so on. Now that you’ve identified your body flaws, it’s time to fix them by buying the right shapewear!

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2. Do your home work on shapewear!

When you reach a lingerie shop or a boutique you would go crazy looking at the wide variety of options in shapewear leaving you in a dilemma of what to buy and what not! You’ll find them in N number of options right from body briefers to long leg ones, from corsets to merry widow, from seamless shapewears to waist cinchers! Some are for toning down whereas some are for uplifiting your assets ! Better know what you exactly looking for and what are your requirements!

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3. Choosing the right size!

Many ladies have a wrong assumption that wearing shapewear a size smaller than their actually size would do the job right, but that’s totally wrong! Infact that would make things pretty worse. Instead of hiding your flaws, your bulges would appear more prominent. Hence it’s always better to buy your actual size or your real size. If you have any doubts regarding that, it’s always better your measure your body before heading to buy a shapewear.

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4. Buy multiple options!

You may not know what dress you would want to wear after a couple of days, it may be either backless or tube top or even a saree for that matter! Infact you can check out this video how a saree shapewear can add so much of a difference to your saree look! With shapewear available for each body part separately makes your life so easy. Thus it’s always better you have multiple types in your closet to meet each outfit needs.

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5. Choosing right material of shapewear!

With most of the shapewears being made of nylon or spandex, these fabrics are non breathable are perfect for winters where they would help your body retain heat even in dropping temperatures! But in summers these can be really annoying as they would make you sweat a lot. Hence when you shop for them, take the weather conditions  into consideration. Cotton based shapewear are ideal for summers as they are breathable and also have moisture absorption capability! Some even come in microfiber for odour control!

Shapewear by Prachi Maulingker Naik 7I’m putting up a video here where you can actually see the difference before and after wearing a shapewear for each type!

Coming to the brands of shapewear, you would find endless options with famous one being Zivame. They offer great options to choose from, you can visit their site here!

Shapewear by Prachi Maulingker Naik 8So ladies, that’s all from this blog, I hope you’ll loved reading this one, if there’s anything that I missed in this blog or there’s something that you would like to add to this topic, pls feel free to drop your views in the comment section below 🙂

See ya soon with a brand new blog, untill than sayonara! Stay blessed! Stay beautiful and don’t forget to love your self first 😙

Love and lite💫

Prachi ❤

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