Smokey eyes on fleek – Tricks using lipstick and kajal for getting smokey eyes!!

Hola my angels ❤ Well well well before I even begin talking about the next blog, let me give you’ll a big virtual hug for showering so much love on my blog on satin sarees!! It’s been loved so much that even today I get DMs and texts to appreciate that blog 🤗 Can’t tell you guys how that feels!! I’ve always been a crazy saree lover and always try to bring something interesting either with respect to drapes or fabrics! Now when I say drapes, did you guys check out my latest blog on wearing saree on jeans ? Nay ?? You got to be kidding ! Its a blog you can’t miss gal !😉 Check out the blog right here! Well today it’s an interesting beauty blog on how to get smokey eyes without using a eyeshadow pallete! Amazed ? Than you gotcha read further to know more..😊

Smokey eyes using lipstick & kajal !!

To be honest with you, doing this eye makeup without an eyeshadow pallet happened by chance! Once I forgot to carry my eye shadow pallete along, for a family event and had no clue on how would I do my eye makeup! And that’s when I tried this insane thing! They say necessity is the mother of all invention! My necessity made me use lipstick and kajal for doing my smokey eyes!

Smokey eyes 1I couldn’t film a video than, so thought why not do this now! Hence came up with this blog with this interesting way to do get smokey eyes! Now that I’ve told you’ll I used lipstick and kajal for creating this smokey eyes look, let me just get straight to the point of how I did it !

Smokey eyes 2I always do my eye makeup first so that the fall out doesn’t ruin my base makeup! But in this case since we are not using an eye shadow pallete so we need not worry on this. I got my base done first. Than I started with preparing my eyelids. I used a concealer as a base for my eyemake. Blend in well using a brush or beauty blender or even your finger tips! Set the concealer in place using any powder of your choice. I used a translucent powder here.

Smokey eyes 3

Tips and tricks !!

Coming up next depending on the color of your choice pick up a lipstick. I chose pink to go with my saree. Probably you can use a darker shade on inner corner of your eye and go in with lighter shade for the centre to create depth. I dint have a lighter shade hence I chose to use a shimmer highlighter for the centre of my eyelids. Now up next take your kajal or kohl pencil and randomly apply on the outer edges of your eyes to create the smokey eyes look. Now since both lipstick and kajal are creamy in texture I decided to go in with my finger tips for blending as brush wouldn’t give me the desired finish.

Smokey eyes 4Just blend in everything well untill it looks smooth and even. I always love using false lashes, but this is completely optional. I gave a double liner look this time using black eyeline and over it used a golden shimmer liner. Added little bit more drama to my eyes with grey color contact lens! A little drama never hurts you see! 😉 Completed the whole look with a dash of kajal on my lower lash line. And off course don’t forget your brows! Well defined sharp brows adds a lot to the overall face! Added some blush, lipstick and some highlighter to finish off the face makeup.

Smokey eyes 5

Be innovative when doing smokey eyes!!

Now I would like to mention here that you can be as creative as you want! I chose pink as a safe color to play with eye make. You can even opt for more distinct colors like red, purple, maroon, etc. I believe makeup is an art and its upto you how to use it creatively. You can even use different color eyeliners, kajal and so on.. The more you’ll experiment the better you would be at it.😁

Smokey eyes 6

So that’s it from this blog! Leaving you’ll with a link to the video tutorial that’s up on my you tube channel!

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Also the colorful bangles you see me wearing in these pics are from Aionios creations ! You can buy them from here! Sayonara ladies, untill we meet again in the next blog! Till than stay beautiful 😗 Stay blessed 🙏
Love & lite ❤
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