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Hola my angels! How are you’ll doing? Well, my weekends mostly involve shoots for my new blogs but this time around I preferred to be a couch potato at home and binge-watching series online and trust me guys I’m glad I did it this weekend! Watched a terrific series on ZEE5 that left me glued to my couch. It is one of the best series I’ve come across in recent times! And when I say it, trust me guys I really mean it! I’m talking about “The Final Call” starring Arjun Rampal, which premiered on 22nd Feb on ZEE5. You can check out the trailer of the series here.

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Based on Priya Kumar’s novel I Will Go With You, this web series mixes thrills with spirituality, which certainly sounds intriguing. Alongside Rampal, The Final Call also stars Anupriya Goenka, Sakshi Tanwar, Javed Jaffrey, Neeraj Kabi and Vipin Sharma among others. With such super talented star cast, there is no question about the star value of the series!

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Beautifully directed by Vijay Lalwani, this series revolves around the life of a mentally disturbed pilot, played by Arjun Rampal who has boarded the plane with poison.
As a result, the other major characters are on board a flight that will possibly crash, as hinted in the beginning. As the series moves on, the stories of all these characters also run parallel. The series is infused with edge-of-the-seat thrill and connects so well with you that at a point you literally feel you are also on board Flight SL 502. Coming to describing each character in the series let’s start with Arjun Rampal first!

1. Arjun Rampal

He is the major character of the series and plays the role of captain Karan Sachdev who is all set to fly his passengers at their final destination! The calm face that he shows the world outside is actually fighting a storm within that’s destroying his mind! His past is overpowering his present and with this disturbed state of mind will he be able to drop his passengers safely to their destination? A complex character with a haunting past, Karan Sachdeva is a fantastic central character that keeps you hooked.

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2. Sakshi Tanwar

The second most pivotal role of ATC officer, Kiran Mirza is played by Sakshi Tanwar who has equally done justice to her role and the series! After watching Sakshi essaying saas bahu characters in the past, it is refreshing to watch her perform in such a different role. As an ATC officer in a tough spot, she adds a new dimension to the complex storyline. The way she tries to handle a mentally disturbed pilot ( Arjun Rampal) with so much calmness without panicking despite knowing the fact that life of almost 300 passengers is at stake is really commendable! Will she succeed in saving them? Well, find it out for yourself ☺

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3. Neeraj Kabi

Yet another extremely well-played character! Neeraj plays the role of an astrologer, Krishanmurthi who with his sound knowledge can predict people’s future. He adds a spiritual angle to the story and also it would make viewers think as to why he is actually a part of that storyline! Krishanmurthi is aware of his impending death and still plans on embracing it. In a strange twist, even his family is aware of the same. Are his predictions actually accurate? Will this flight be his last one? His character is mainly behind the spiritual themes of the series.

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4. Javed Jaffrey

Javed Jaffrey plays the role of a business tycoon, Siddharth Singhania who has all the luxuries on earth but yet unhappy in his personal life! Another interesting fact about this character is he can sense what’s going to happen next! Blessed with this power, will he be able to change what’s coming in for him on this flight? Along with Krishanmurthi, it is his character who keeps the intrigue of premonition in the series high.

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5. Anupriya Goenka

Anupriya plays flight attendant Pari in The Final Call and it is evident that she will play a pivotal role as the show moves on. She seems to be the rational character in the midst of characters who are entangled in their personal mess. Hence, she can come across as a voice of reason, or would she? That is for you to discover in the series.

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Apart from these major characters, there are also a few more others who are also substantially involved in the whole series. Everyone having their own share of problems in their respective lives, Will this flight be the end to all of it? Or will they all learn something from this journey of life and death? “The Final Call” would answer it all!

With 4 episodes being already out of this series, The Final Call has already created a lot of buzz and excitement in the digital world! Infact, this series has already become the talk of the town! With these ace actors taking the series on an altogether different level, I’m sure this series will be a game changer for ZEE5! Personally, I loved every bit of it and couldn’t stop myself from watching all episodes in one go 😁

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If you’ve already watched this series please leave your feedback in the comments section below! I would love to read them! I hope you guys loved reading this one ☺
See ya soon with yet another entertaining blog, till then sayonara!

Stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first 😘
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