The Ultimate style guide for curvy women fashion!

Hola my angels! Hope you’ll are doing fab as always  It’s been a while I came up with a new blog, I’ve been missing this space so much! Now that we are here, let’s talk fashion for curvy women.

Those who know me, would be well aware of the fact that I’ve always been a curvy female right before I even started this blog. My body has been invariably the same across years, plump and a bit chubby! And I thoroughly love the curves I have been blessed with and enjoy flaunting them with pride! In this blog we are going to talk about styling tips for curvy women and how to rock those curves! So let’s get rolling.

Curvy women fashion style guide!

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1. Strike a balance between well fitted and tightly fitted outfit-

Can’t stress enough on how important it is for you to strike this balance. Wearing a nice body hugging dress is something you may love to do, but do you pay attention to the fitting ? There’s a huge difference between a well fitted dress and a squeezed up dress. A dress that’s too tight can drive unnecessary attention to wrong places rather than accentuating your curves.

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2. Anytime in doubt, go in for pencil skirt –

Pencil skirt can be your go to outfit, no matter what! Be it your day time office look or night time party look, a well fitted pencil skirt can work magic for you! Knee length hemline works with almost all body types! It elongates your curves and balances out the whole look.

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3. Plunging necklines to raise the temperatures-

Considering your curves as your assets, plunging neckline outfits look killer on curvy when styled right! There’s a very thin line between looking sexy and vulgar. You need to know how to maintain this balance. The best way to do this is wearing a knee length or full length outfit with a deep plunging neckline. Such outfits would look graceful yet sexy at the same time!

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4. Fabric matters a lot –

Witht type of body a curvy woman has, it’s always recommended to avoid stiff looking fabric. Such fabrics do not hug your body and tend to make you look bulkier and disproportionate. Instead opt for fabrics that cling to your body. Softer fabrics hold on to your body in a way that balances out your curves.

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5. Prints and patterns matter too –

Preferably opt for outfits with vertical stripes. They give an appearance of an elongated body thereby making you appear taller and hence Slimmer. Stay away from busier prints, also big floral prints or polka dots are ideally to be avoided.

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6. Solid colors look the best–

Now this isn’t a hard and fast rule. But solid colors flatter a curvy figure. Believe it or not, but solid shades are actually made for curvy women. Hence make the best out it. You can chose colors like black, navy blue, burgundy etc. Try styling them differently. For instance you can add a neon pink belt over a black dress. This would drive the attention to the right place that’s your waist making you look structured and proportionate.

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7. Say yes to wrap dresses/ Tops-

Wrap dresses or tops usually end up nipping at the waist thereby giving an illusion of a thinner waist, thereby accentuating your upper and lower body curves. Plus those with a V neck line have an added bonus as they draw all the attention to the bust.

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8. High-waisted jeans are your best buddies-

This is a no brainer! High-waisted jeans help you tuck in the tummy thereby minimizing the appearance of muffin tops. They are so effective in hiding those Flabby folds in a chic styling way!

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9. Belt it up ladies-

Yes! You’ve heard it right! Wide belts especially corset belts can work wonders for you! They bring all the attention to the smallest part of your body, that’s the waist, thereby making you appear slimmer and also adds definition to your curves!

10. Your inners matters can make or break the look-

You might have not really paid attention to your inners but trust me ladies, if you don’t choose them rightly you may end up adding unnecessary bulk to your body. For instance a woman with bigger breasts, a full coverage bra is a must! Likewise a high waisted underwear can help you conceal the tummy bulge thereby making it appear flat and proportionate.

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So guys this is it! Well there are so many other tips I would love to add to this list but I do not want to stretch the blog too long! But if you need more of these tips let me know in the comments below. Let’s have a part 2 of this blog if in case needed!

Before I take your leave, let me just quickly remind you of my last blog on 5 different ways of styling a shirt dress. You can check out the blog here.

For more such fashion updates you can head to my Instagram at Prachi_maulingker.

I’ll see you all very soon with yet another fashion blog, till then stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first. Sayonara ♥️

Love & Lite ✨

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