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5 Tips to select your Wedding dress or Bridal dress!!

With every passing day my bond is getting stronger with you’ll and connecting with you guys through my blog has become an indispensable part of my routine 😍 Something that was just started as a hobby a couple of months back has now turned into a beautiful relation with you all ; You guys are my extended family!! And coming up every week with something exiciting for my fam has now become a mandate for me! So here I’m today with yet another blog on Indian bridal dress or wedding dress, where I’ll be sharing my tips with you’ll on selecting your perfect bridal dress 😊

Wedding dress pic 1For every bride , her wedding day is a big day of her life! And having a perfect wedding dress is something she puts on her topmost priority list! Every girl wants to remembered for being the perfect bride who looked like a dream ! And for that to happen you should be bang on with your bridal or wedding dress selection.

In order to find that perfect fit you need to consider few points that would definitely help you out with choosing the best for you on your big day. So here are my 5 tips which I think are absolutely crucial when deciding on your wedding dress.

1. Before you start hunting your wedding dress, know your body type!

Its very important for you to know your body type before you even start looking out for your wedding dress. Something that looks good on sabhyasaachi magazine bride may not necessarily look good on you! Every girl has a unique body type and its important you know in which category you fall. For instance some have hour glass shape, some pear shape, rectangle, apple shape and so on. Once you know your body type then you can do a bit of research on what would suit you the best and then start looking out for the your bridal outfit.

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2. Choosing the right color shades for your wedding dress!

Well with red, maroon or gold being the ideal bridal colors, off lately the trends are changing ! Our brides have started going in for pestle shades like peach, baby pink, greys and stuff like that ! What I would like to say here is no matter what the trend is its important to know YOUR color! Brides that are a bit on heavier side should opt for deeper dark colors for a slimmer look! Whereas brides with slim figure can go with lighter tones or colors! Similarly a bride with heavier upper body can go for darker color choli and lighter color skirt whereas a bride with broader lower body and thinner upper body can just reverse the color combination.

Wedding dress pic 3Also keeping the wedding time in mind is also very important! If you having a day wedding its always a good idea to go for bright pastel shades! Likewise if you having a late evening ceremony you can opt for darker colors!

3. Keep the wedding season in mind!

This is a very crucial parameter yet the most neglected one! We think of everything else but never give it a thought to this particular aspect! Imagine you are getting married in the month of april or may and having a destination beach wedding that’s during a day. In such scenario velvet and summers is going to be the most aweful combination to have on your wedding day! So make sure you choose the fabric of your wedding dress depending on your wedding season.

Wedding dress pic 7If you choose to tie a knot in winters opt for thick fabrics like velvet and silk. Similarly if you plan to have a summer wedding going  for easy breezy fabrics like net, chiffon and so on would be a great idea !

4. Dupatta!

Yes ladies! Dupatta! Well you’ve paid so much attention to your blouse and the lehenga, how can you just take your duppata for granted! Those days where you would match your duppata with your lehenga color are long gone! Its a trend of contrast now ! Add a pop of color to your lehenga with contrast color duppata which would lift up the whole look!

Wedding dress pic 4Not just that, its also important how you style your duppata. If you are going for curls its always a great idea to keep your duppata flowing freely over your hand from your shoulder. If you are going for an updo or a bun its always advisable to pin up the duppata on the bun. So make sure you select the duppata depending upon the look you would go for!

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5. Select your wedding jewellery first !

Yes ladies! You would wear your wedding dress just once but your jewellery would be a constant factor for all your family weddings and events. So make sure you select your jewellery based on your taste and considering its use later and then select the bridal dress to go with that jewellery unless your wedding dress cost is more than that of your jewellery 😉 Also on selecting heavy long neckpieces make sure your blouse has minimal work on it to avoid looking flashy!

Wedding dress pic 5These were my 5 top most pointers to be considered when selecting your wedding dress, apart from these there are several other factors that should be considered when deciding on your wedding dress. Some of them include the color of your partner’s outfit, the fit of the dress, it should be able to hide the flaws of your body, usability of the wedding dress later, the type of wedding like Punjabi, Marwari and so on!

Wedding dress pic 8Coming to the outfit worn by me, this one’s a very pretty lehenga from rent an attire store in Warje, Pune! They rent out some of the exclusive brands for both men and women and their collection is simply amazing! They have everything right from bridal dresses to party dresses to spoil you for choices !

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This one’s a pure velvet material with heavy stone work with only the lehenga accounting for 6kgs weight 😃 Also I’ll be putting up a discount code for my fam who wishes to rent out outfits from them! You can also check them out at their online portal here!

Discount coupon codeMy hair has been done by wellness salon who gave me some amazing curls but unfortunately they couldn’t withstand the beeeze for long! Still we could manage to get some great shots! I’ll put up a link to their instagram handle here!

Wedding dress pic 9The pics have been beautifully captured by talented Audumber tapkir photography who never fails to disappoint me ! His skills and talent is purely reflected in his work💕. You can check out his work on his Instagram profile here.

That’s all from this blog people! I hope these tips would definitely help my to-be brides for their weddin outfit selection! If there’s anything you would like to add to this please feel free to drop it in the comment section below!

I would love to read your thoughts 🤗. Also before I sign off I would like to leave you’ll with the link from my last blog that’s on mystique white saree look ! Check out the blog here!

Sayonara ladies! See ya soon in the next blog! Till then stay beautiful, stay blessed and don’t forget to keep loving yourself 💕

Love and lite 💫
Prachi 😚

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