The unseen, unexplored Saree affair unleashed!!

Hi my loves ❤ Hope you’ll are doing fantastic this monthJ Well I’m sure that you must have read the last blog that I wrote for u ladies on casual lookbook from missamore clothing! This time around I thought I’ll do something unusual for you’ll!! Something unseen , something untried before! And I chose saree as my subject! Sarees are something that’s occupies a major part of my closet space and my heart too ❤ Well I’m so excited to bring this saree blog for you ladies, especially for all my saree lovers this one’s exclusively for you 😉

Let me start with this saree picture for u!

Yes yes yes ladies!! Its a saree draped in a form of a falling gown and that’s what the whole blog is about !! Let me tell u that I’ve got no clue of what style of saree draping its been called and how I ended up draping this one! Recently had a collaboration shoot with a saree brand where in I had to flaunt their saree collection. Bored with a regular draping style, I thought why not try something different this time and this was the outcome😁

So this was a mere trial and error experiment with saree that turned out to be in my favour!

That’s the back view of how this draping style looks like ! Perfect for those who would not be so comfy in flaunting their love handles in sarees, this one’s certainly for you gurl!

Coming to explaining on how I did this, gosh its a task! To start off I started draping the saree like how we usually start with the normal draping, by tucking the saree around my waist in one full circle.

Then I took the pallu , just like how we take when draping a normal saree and just that instead of taking the pallu over my shoulder I just pinned up one end of it on my shoulder and left the other end hanging in front!

The rest of the part I pulled behind to make it tight and tucked it in at my waist in front where we would take the centre pleats.

Then I just went on pleating the rest of the saree fabric and tucked it in below the navel how we often do in saree draping. And there I was done with it!!

To keep the whole look in place I used a kamarbandh or a waist chain whatever you may call it, to give that perfect shape to the saree drape

You can try this look with cotton as well as synthetic saree and it would work well with any type of fabric!!

So ladies say no to conventional saree draping and try out this modern chic style saree drape and be ready to receive lovely compliments from others!!

It would be really unfair on my part if I don’t give pic credits here to my hubby Mithilesh who patiently captured these lovely pics 😉 love to you honey

Well I hope I did justice to this saree blog and hope you enjoyed reading this one! Though I have tried hard to explain the draping process but incase u need a video for the same kindly drop in a comment in the comment section below😘

Sayonara for now !! Stay blessed stay beautiful!!

Love and lite ❤


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  1. Harshali bharambe

    U looking very fab in this new look of saree. I also want to try it , can u upload the vdo, or send on my e-mail

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