Why Pipsi is a relevant watch for our generation?

Hey guys! Hope you’ll are doing fab as always! Time for yet another review blog in the entertainment segment. This time it’s a very sweet and beautiful Marathi movie by the name “Pipsi”. Directed by Rohan Deshpande this movie is presented by Landmarc films.

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Pipsi has two kids in the lead role, Balu and Chaani. Balu comes from a well-to-do family. Whereas Chaani belongs to a poor family where her father who’s a farmer, struggling on a daily basis to accommodate their basic needs. Chaani’s mother falls ill and things go from bad to worse. Chaani believes that her mother’s soul is in a small fish named Pipsi. She thinks, as long as the fish is alive and well, nothing can go wrong.

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The director has beautifully shown the metaphor of a fish who can’t survive without water to that of a draught hit rural land which is dead as fish without water. The entire movie revolves around Balu and Chaani’s struggle to keep the fish alive to save Chaani’s mother and at the same time how the village is battling the water scarcity issue. Pipsi gives a very strong social message to the youth out there. Showing the bitter reality of the drought-stricken areas of Maharashtra and how the farmers are dealing with these crises!

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Why pipsi is worth watching?

Pipsi, though being a small budget movie, can leave a very big impact on the society if the youth watch this movie and decides to bring about the much needed change in their own cities. It is very important for us to understand the water crisis that’s happening across some of the rural states of Maharashtra which needs the attention of the country. As many as 7,423 villages in Vidarbha are facing water scarcity. The water scarcity has also hit livestock, with about 10.68 lakh animals sheltered in cattle camps for fodder and water needs. There couldn’t be a better medium then cinemas to create awareness about this current crisis in such areas. Pipsi is one such movie that makes us aware of the horrifying situation in such drought-stricken areas.

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Even if 10% of the youth that watches Pipsi, decides to bring the change, things can be far better for the farmers out there in these areas. People living in metro cities if starts using water wisely then, probably the situation in such villages can improve a lot.

Pipsi – A bottle full of hope!

In its true sense, Pipsi is a story of hope, a belief that better days would come. The writer Saurabh Bhave has beautifully penned down this story of hope to show the correlation between Balu and Chaani’s struggle to keep the fish, whom they’ve named Pipsi alive and the struggle of the farmers in Vidarbha who are hoping to see a better tomorrow.

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Both the young actors, Sahil and Maithili have done a phenomenal job when it comes to their acting. The supporting cast is also equally impressive. But just the way the king’s soul resided in a parrot, the soul of Pipsi movie resides in these two talented kids! This movie is released worldwide on 27th July. Guys, donot forget to watch this movie only on ZEE5!

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So that’s all from this blog! I hope you enjoyed reading this one ! Please do let me know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below. See ya soon with yet another new blog. Until then, sayonara! Stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t forget to love yourself first!
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